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~~Stages of a Grammar Presentation When presenting new language or structure it is important to remember that for some learners it will be a necessary review while for others it is an introduction to a new language point. Language presentation has a number of stages: 1. Lead-in – put the language into a recognisable context so the teacher can bring out the meaning or learners can see the meaning without a lengthy verbal explanation 2. Elicitation – Increases the opportunity for STT (student talk time), keeps learners engaged, focussed & finds out what they already know 3. Explanation/Cl

Starting the pre and primary school year can be hectic for both children and the preschool teachers. However, the preschool teachers also get worried during the classes. Every year they get a new group of students and this means a new crowd of kids to deal with. There are a number of things that the experienced preschool teachers want to tell the new teachers.It is not an excellent plan to delay your kid’s pre and primary school entry by 1 or 2 years. Remember, as lo

The A.C.T. Strategy Part 1 of 3 Prison. Juvenile detention centers. The mean streets of the city. All of these things and more are possibilities for kids these days. I know, because I've been there myself. One simple, stupid mistake made when I was a teenager led to four hard years in a correctional facility, and during that time I spent nearly every day feeling like I had completely destroyed my chances of having a life. It's a harsh, empty feeling and one that nobody

John Dewey, the father of progressive education, promoted the revolutionary notion for his time that formal education should be about more than the acquisition of bodies of content knowledge. He strongly believed education should go beyond the mastery of knowledge and skill to include learning to use classroom content in daily living. Not only that, the practical application should be towards promoting the "greater good."

What is a school for? To socially-engineer kids and thereby try to transform society along ideological lines? Or to educate every child as much as possible as an end in itself?

Last year at Back-To-School-Night, I was pleasantly surprised to see both parents of a struggling student show up. The student was in my accelerated 9th grade class. She had an F, she didn't do any homework, and always came into my classroom smelling like cigarettes. Up until then I had minimal contact with her parents. They were hard to get a hold of, made vague promises they would help turn her around, but the next day she would still show up without her ho