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~~There are two ways to view reading in the younger learner classroom: learning to read and reading to learn.   Reading to learn involves target language and structures, which form part of the curriculum: for example the dialogue page of a textbook or unscrambling words or sentences. These activities are developing the learners awareness of language form, word order and, where supported by visual materials, context and usage. Reading to learn requires exposure to the target language before the reading activity can take place and so these activities are supported by input, drilling and often l

Starting the pre and primary school year can be hectic for both children and the preschool teachers. However, the preschool teachers also get worried during the classes. Every year they get a new group of students and this means a new crowd of kids to deal with. There are a number of things that the experienced preschool teachers want to tell the new teachers.It is not an excellent plan to delay your kid’s pre and primary school entry by 1 or 2 years. Remember, as lo

The A.C.T. Strategy Part 1 of 3 Prison. Juvenile detention centers. The mean streets of the city. All of these things and more are possibilities for kids these days. I know, because I've been there myself. One simple, stupid mistake made when I was a teenager led to four hard years in a correctional facility, and during that time I spent nearly every day feeling like I had completely destroyed my chances of having a life. It's a harsh, empty feeling and one that nobody

What are the TOP 10 trends to be aware of in schooling in Australia in 2010? Schools are in a constant state of change. 2010 will also see significant changes. Be aware of the TOP 10 Trends in schooling in Australia this year.

In an ideal world, I really believe that the majority of people who are involved in education, whether they're a teacher, administrator, coach, counselor, are anything else, would have a genuine care for kids. I also think that most educators really are trying to do the best they can with what they have, and they probably feel that their style or philosophy of what they're doing is the best way to do it.

How important really is the teacher in the education sector? Many people rely heavily on the teacher at schools for the education of their children. At the same time, educational institutions also take pride of their teachers’ capabilities to impart knowledge on the youth.