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Here is the second part of our activities that work well with low level adult students.   Activity: Guess the profession Level: Foundation – Elementary Target Language: Present simple for routines Materials: Job cards Procedure: Before the lesson cut up some paper to make some cards. Give the students one of the cards and ask them to write the name of a job on each piece of paper. Take the cards in and then redistribute them. The students should then hold the piece of paper on their forehead so everyone can see it. Students need to guess which card they are holding. They should do this by g

Did you know that your ability to speak English could enable you to live abroad making money teaching English? A simple TEFL/TESOL course could be all you need to access a new life living and earning overseas. So whether you dream of waking up in sunny Spain or tantalizing Thailand, TEFL training could turn your dream into a reality. But before you embark on your new adventure, I'll help to answer the top 4 questions you're likely to have if you're tempted b

Hiring Practices, Class Allocation and Color Politics

Rwanda has recently announced that it will begin an official policy of teaching in English in its schools in an attempt to raise the international profile of the country.

Considering the recent unprecedented growth in the number of international schools in the world on top of the abundance already operating worldwide, it is no wonder you might be reeling from the thought of choosing the ‘right’ school for you.

TEFL Techniques: Be Yourself! What makes a good teacher? Think about it… can you remember a particularly good teacher you had at school? Can you remember any that you’d rather forget? OK – hold those thoughts, memories, pictures, words… You KNOW what makes a good teacher.