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As teachers we often feel we are the driving force in the classroom. It’s our classroom and our students so it’s our responsibility to make sure they learn the language.  Maybe by sheer force of personality we can drive the language into our students’ heads. Teaching can sometimes be like an aerobic exercise, where we teach ourselves into a sweaty mess valiantly trying to force language into our students.   Ironically it may well be the case that the more we do in the classroom the less our learners understand. Doing too much in a classroom can be a distraction to the language itself,

Communicative Activities for Low Level Adult Students: pt1   Communicative activities are the bed rock of the modern language classroom. However for lower level learners it can be difficult to come up with effective freer practice activities, suitable for their level. Below, and in part two, are some ideas for activities that work well with these levels.   Activity: Celebrity Heads Level: Elementary Target Language: Personal Adjectives: tall, short etc..  He/she is/has got Materials: Poster, photos or magazine Procedure:  Show students pictures of various different celebrities, and then as

Teaching English as A foreign language (TEFL) is one among the many esteemed certifications required to teach English to people who are non-natives. If one lives in an English-speaking country and is unable to speak the language flawlessly, the individual is deemed unfit. In order to overcome this situation people who belong to non-native countries go to TEFL certified teachers to master the language. A lot of people strive hard to become TEFL teachers so that they can

Madrid's penetrative August weather is hard for any seasoned Madridilenos to bear. So this week's fresh September breezes complimented my first lesson very well...I have just completed my TEFL in Madrid and am enjoying the wealth of new opportunities it presents.

Considering the recent unprecedented growth in the number of international schools in the world on top of the abundance already operating worldwide, it is no wonder you might be reeling from the thought of choosing the ‘right’ school for you.

You have decided on being an ESL/EFL teacher so you are off on the job search. Aside from the obvious considerations such as what country to work in and what training/qualifications (TEFL/TESOL/CELTA/DELTA) to obtain; there are other things a teachers should consider when looking at potential job offers.