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Communicative Activities for Low Level Adult Students: pt1   Communicative activities are the bed rock of the modern language classroom. However for lower level learners it can be difficult to come up with effective freer practice activities, suitable for their level. Below, and in part two, are some ideas for activities that work well with these levels.   Activity: Celebrity Heads Level: Elementary Target Language: Personal Adjectives: tall, short etc..  He/she is/has got Materials: Poster, photos or magazine Procedure:  Show students pictures of various different celebrities, and then as

There could hardly be a profession more unique than TEFL. A candidate may be a fresh biology graduate or someone who has never left their hometown; choosing the profession of a TEFL teacher will help make these factors a thing of the past. An online TEFL/TESOL course in Bangalore is unique in that it is easy to qualify and offers valuable employment prospects in exciting locations. Moreover, if an individual happens to possess these 4 qualities, then they are sure to hit instant success in the TEFL teaching profession. Adaptability The TEFL industry is a rapidly developing one so there will be

Teaching English to people who are just beginning to learn English (second-language learners) can be quite a challenge, especially when the novice teacher has not studied languages herself. Teachers should be mindful that language learners have a variety of learning styles much like all students in the regular classrooms. Some students prefer writing while others prefer social interaction as a setting for learning. Visual learners need unique stimulation in the forms o

Being a Malaysian, my personal experience tells me that most Asian educational institutions are still obsessed with the colonial mentality of only preferring or wanting native speakers as their English teachers. Having said that, of course, hesitatingly, I would also concede that a native's knowledge of the English language is not an automatic passport to employment anywhere abroad, but individuals from South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the US and the whole

 eaching these days is becoming a very lucrative job. Especially if it's a teaching job abroad, it will be a great opportunity for you to discover a lot of new things and to earn more money than when you teach locally. For one thing, you could get to explore a different country. Second of all, ...

My study proved that pronunciation had a significant effect on spellings of some words, though my study was only focused in determining the words with middle and final 'r'. My study also found out that pronunciation affected comprehension in learning a new English.