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When we are ESL educators, we also become mentors to our students of any age from many lands. This is a two-way process which benefits both the students and mentors. We can create an environment and community where we collaborate to improve English skills, and knowledge of a new land and culture. As the ESL students are learning, we, as their mentors, can learn from them. We can determine what our ESL students can do, not what they cannot do. Our students can seek what we offer, to share our experiences of the paths we have travelled. There are many benefits for the mentors of ESL students, s

~~Writing is a complex process that encourages thinking and learning. Once learners realize that writing is a process that does not have to be right first time they are more willing to experiment, explore, revise and edit. Activity 1: Simple Description with Visuals Have learners examine a picture and ask them to identify the objects in it. Then have them write a paragraph to describe the picture. Activity 2: Completing a Description Paragraph Have learners examine a picture and complete a description paragraph. For example: Learners look at a picture and complete the following paragraph:  Ma

~~'Language games' are seen as an activity where learners use language to achieve a goal (usually by exchanging some kind of information), according to clear rules, in an enjoyably competitive environment. A classic example is 'Back to the board', where players identify unseen words written on the board using clues from their team-mates. Teachers should see games as a legitimate use of classroom time and a useful motivational tool, offering valuable language practice. There is a plentiful supply of published materials featuring a wide variety of language games. The advantages of language games

Reflections on Standard English in EFL classroom    To be unable to write Standard English or to use its spoken forms in appropriate public contexts is to be disenfranchised, to be deprived of true citizenship…. Where it is appropriate to use the standard, you see it but there are many uses where other forms, or other languages, are as appropriates… It is astonishing to reflect that no linguistic theory has ever begun to pose the question of the permissible range of variation within a standard although it is obvious even from the history of English that the range is not fixed.      

When considering TESOL teaching abroad, many people automatically think of teaching in large and densely populated cities such as Seoul, Istanbul, or Rio de Janeiro. Of course, it is true that a great many TESOL opportunities can be found in big urban centers, but there are also a great number of opportunities to teach English as a second language in out of the way places that are off the beaten path.

Teachers are the key figures in the English learning process. Their influence is fundamental to their students’ progress or lack thereof. To achieve the desired result in teaching English, i.e. guiding students to its successful acquisition, teachers have to be aware of and adhere to certain essentials. They also need to take into account crucial factors such as classroom atmosphere, classroom management, tolerance, patience, passionate, and other aspects. T