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With the No Child Left Behind legislation, teachers are being increasingly pressured to meet several standards, both at the state level and federal, as well as being accountable for the progress of their diverse student body. Many teachers don't feel comfortable teaching English Learners, and so presenting the content in a way that is efficient and effective can appear daunting. The answer may be in integrating across content areas. According to the Utah Education Netw

My simultaneous experience as a teacher and a student makes it convenient to experience the difficulties and problems on both sides. Efficient learning requires dedication and no short term strategies could work. To estimate a person's caliber, capacity or capability in a single meeting would be an irrational approach. It's a matter of understanding and setting up the goals accordingly. However, often we observe a quite formal behavior with false colors of diligence an

Numerous adults look back fondly on their days as a child. Many of us remember the names of our elementary schools, but few of us remember our teachers. For those of us who do look back, we can often place one specific instructor who made a significant impact on our young, developing minds. So, teachers, here are some tips on how to make an impact on your students! Be Creative  Incorporate art into the classroom and the curriculum. Hands on projects that rely heavily on imagination are not only out of the box and fun, but take learning to a deeper level. There are thousands upon thousands of

21st century, latest technological gadgets and modern outlook - we seem to have everything. There's still something which we crave for when it comes to education for our little ones and that is different teaching methods.

At the height of the Communicative Approach, Task-Based Learning and approaches whose emphasis was not on grammar, to reject or even suppress explicit formal instruction became fashionable. Some (Krashen, 1982; Prabhu, 1987) even went as far as claiming that it was at best ineffectual and at worst an obstacle to L2 learning. However, there have been controversial arguments against this assumption.

An important responsibility of an ESL teacher is to create an effective learning environment for learning to take place. This involves both actions and the decisions of the teacher. The actions are those things that are done in the classroom, such as rearranging the chairs and desks. The decisions relate to how and when these actions are implemented.