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Is formal instruction a hindrance or a facilitator? At the height of the Communicative Approach, Task-Based Learning and approaches whose emphasis was not on grammar, to reject or even suppress explicit formal instruction became fashionable. Some (Krashen, 1982; Prabhu, 1987) even went as far as claiming that it was at best ineffectual and at worst an obstacle to L2 learning. However, Pavesi’s studies (Pavesi 1986, in Carl James 1998: 244) have shown that ‘instructed learners (adults especially) demonstrate higher ultimate achievement’. Also, Harley (1993: 245 in Carl James 1998: 244) po

A 2013 Gallup Poll found that about 45% of high school students are not engaged in school. Disengagement significantly lowers achievement. This is especially true of urban and rural youth. While there are school remedies, here I want to focus on classroom instruction that makes a difference. Give students control over their learning. Allow them track their own progress using simple lists and graphs. This empowers and motivates students. Allow students to check the answ

Churches (2007)'s intellectual and timely revision of Bloom's Digital Taxonomy is a consequence of evolving varied areas of instructions dictated by fast changing times. This contemporary taxonomy pursues to elevate the order thinking skills that every learner should acquire. With the proliferation of emerging technology and media intervening with pedagogy, changes are yielded paving educators' innovative perceptions to flourish. These variations enabled the alliance o

In recent years the field of neuroscience has been applied to almost everything from the legal profession to sales and marketing. Why? Because every human activity is a result of our thinking and the workings of our brain - and neuroscience expands our understanding of just that. As well as determining how we think, make decisions and generally behave, our brains are obviously key to how we learn, so the more neuroscience uncovers about this, the more the growing field

In the 80s, as a music teacher for kids with labels and diagnoses, it was my joy to have had the forethought to have school systems buy mixing equipment and teach students how to use it. Was this outside-the-box education, or did I view the current trend and make it part of the classroom experience?

I am always amazed at the range of ability levels of my students within any given class. Within one 8th grade class I may have students who struggle to read and write while at the same time have students (within the same class) who are reading and writing on an upper high school level.