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With the No Child Left Behind legislation, teachers are being increasingly pressured to meet several standards, both at the state level and federal, as well as being accountable for the progress of their diverse student body. Many teachers don't feel comfortable teaching English Learners, and so presenting the content in a way that is efficient and effective can appear daunting. The answer may be in integrating across content areas. According to the Utah Education Netw

Does your students' poor performance on class tests keep you up at night? Do you find yourself wracking your brain, trying to figure out how the same students who seemed to understand what you taught yesterday now can't seem to remember any of it? Do you stress for months prior to a large-scale standardized test that your students have to take because you fear that they will perform poorly on it? If any of these experiences sound familiar, you're not alone. These are s

In recent years the field of neuroscience has been applied to almost everything from the legal profession to sales and marketing. Why? Because every human activity is a result of our thinking and the workings of our brain - and neuroscience expands our understanding of just that. As well as determining how we think, make decisions and generally behave, our brains are obviously key to how we learn, so the more neuroscience uncovers about this, the more the growing field

Numerous adults look back fondly on their days as a child. Many of us remember the names of our elementary schools, but few of us remember our teachers. For those of us who do look back, we can often place one specific instructor who made a significant impact on our young, developing minds. So, teachers, here are some tips on how to make an impact on your students! Be Creative  Incorporate art into the classroom and the curriculum. Hands on projects that rely heavily on imagination are not only out of the box and fun, but take learning to a deeper level. There are thousands upon thousands of

"A good teacher is someone who cares about others, and loves to explain things," one teacher writes. "Jr. High teachers have no fear of standing in front of a classroom full of disinterested teenagers, trying to get them interested in the day's topic. Elementary teachers don't mind wiping runny noses."

Thanks to a lot of research, it has been found that creative thinking can be taught and learned. So as teachers, we should be encouraging and developing creativity, but this is often not the case.