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For the purpose of this article, integrating writing and differentiation into your classroom, I have designed techniques that meet most writing needs most of the time. Teaching writing and differentiation fluctuate with the student and the assignment, the moment and the timing, but the information that follows provides some insight for you. Differentiation focuses on what students need to know and be able to do Just as it focuses on what students already know and are a

Maybe it is just me - Ha, yeah right! - but grading is one of the most difficult parts of this whole teaching thing. I know I am not the only teacher who feels this way. In fact I had a student tell me that he was thinking of being a teacher until he realized all his teachers complained about the grading. I actually felt bad that I contributed to his negative thinking and apologized to him for complaining about my job. I gave him honest reasons why teaching is amazing

Basically, you use the adjectives. You describe people, places, and events. You describe something - a ring, its shape, its color or carat. You have to be keen and deep of thought. The purpose of your descriptive details, however, should be to create a dominant mood or point for your readers. Such descriptions should contribute to the overall purpose of the essay or story. Avoid clichés. Avoid details that are irrelevant. Take note of Walden Pond. How did Thoreau let us feel the meaning of solitude? This is a delicious evening, when the whole body is one sense and imbibes delight through ever

When I went to school, the philosophy was to teach the "3 R's," reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic. Having come into contact many college students and even graduates, I have found that many exhibit poor writing skills. When I have interviewed young people, and requested three paragraphs from them as part of the process, the result has convinced me that today's educational system has not sufficiently emphasized this aspect.

Summer days are melting away as school bells prepare to chime. Three months of festivities have quickly vanished, but more fun and learning are about to unfold. A favorite back-to-school topic for writing is "What I Did This Summer". I admit, with chagrin, that I often assigned this odious task to my eighth graders.

John Creswell is recognized as a leading authority in the development of doctoral level research questions. Over the course of many years of discussion and research he has identified the following general procedure and considerations for crafting qualitative research questions.