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Kids are naturally curious as they inquire about their surroundings and the rest of the world. Few children refuse to admire bugs, even going to the extent of picking them up, petting them, and often trying to sneak them into the mouth for a quick flavor check. Kids wonder at sparkling rainbows, gurgling streams, fluttering birds, and flashing stars. Their curiosity grows as older siblings, friends, family, and parents inspire study and discovery. This curiosity is snu

Success like all other skills can also be learnt. In fact it should be an important part of child education. The million dollar question is how to teach children to succeed? Here's the answer. Help your children to develop the qualities required to succeed. The habits, the style of thinking, the way of behavior which attracts success, can be easily taught to children. After all, children have more curiosity and better grasping power than adults. What are the qualities that help children become successful? The first and foremost is the belief 'I Can.' "I can become successful... I can do it." 

Oh no! My child is not reading on grade level! Is it their vocabulary? Vocabulary is essential to comprehending what is read. Is this hurting my child's comprehension? Learning how to read is essential to be successful in school and to achieve anything in life. Whether a child decides to attend a 4-year college, community college, technical college, or go into the military, reading is necessary. So you ask, what is vocabulary, really? It is knowledge of a word that not

Two weeks before my internship, I was not feeling well; in fact, I was feigning sick. I was blaming my mom, and told her--as always: I was not cut out a teacher; that, I should take another course. Four years, I had been telling myself, that I had to drop the course and take psychology or marketing or what instead. For I knew, then, I would not be a fit to this profession. But, mother knows best; and, here I was, a teacher. When assigned to second graders, I had not ha

 Correct spelling is a strong base for written communication. It plays a very important role in improving your overall language skills. Poor spellings can mar your reputation and interfere with success. It is essential to polish this skill at a young age. Nevertheless, if you haven't yet ...

There is never an age when you should stop learning. You may have gone through high school and college and started your career, but that does not mean that you are done learning new things. In fact, you should try to learn until the day that you die. One thing that can help you learn more and that can also improve your life and your career is to improve your vocabulary.