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  • Salary at 15-25k RMB, Full-time English teachers needed in China, 1 year contract or above

    By: Rango Li < Show E-mail >

    Date: Thu, 17 May 2018

    Location: China (Asia)


    Hello Candidates,

    We are a job consulting agency based in Beijing, To find you with a proper
    English teaching job is what we do every day and also our profession. There are many branch
    offices in all other parts of China varying from east coast cities such as Shanghai, Tianjin, Dalian,
    as well as southern China cities like Hunan and Wuhan.
    We cooperate with so many schools such as kindergartens, middle schools, training schools, and international schools.
    So we have the source and can meet all your demands easily.

    And we provide many services for expats in China such as:
    - Finding a teaching job for English teachers in anywhere in China
    - Events in Beijing
    - Visa solution
    - Private tutoring in Beijing
    - Business opportunities

    Please add our official wechat official account: chinajobsdaily
    or consult with the
    WeChat: jobsdaily01 or Skype: jobsdaily-HR
    Email to

    If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us!
    If you are looking for a chance it is only HERE and NOW!
    There are big cities and also small cozy cities.

    Basic qualifications:
    ● Citizens from UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and South Africa( preferably
    Native speakers, but if you are non-native speakers but with perfect English skills, schools will also
    consider your application);
    ● Bachelor degree or higher;
    ● At least 2 year teaching experience (Requirement differs from the cities, it can be less than 2
    ● 22 to 58 years of age (Work visa requirements);
    ● Be active, courteous, patient and caring, and engaging as a teacher;
    ●TESOL /TEFL certificate is highly recommended, but no special requirement ;

    Position Information:
    ● One-year contract at least;
    ● 5 working days per week at most;
    ● Class size & Age range:
    4-10 students in training schools; usually 3-12 years old;
    around 10 kids in kindergartens; usually 3-6 years old;
    30 or more in public schools and international schools; 6-16 years old;

    ● Free hotel accommodation upon arrival;
    ● Free cozy apartment or housing allowance;
    ● Chinese official holidays;
    ● Annual contract completion bonus;
    ● Airfare reimbursement;
    ● Multiple career development opportunities;
    ● Legal Working Visa;

    Please add our official wechat official account: chinajobsdaily
    or consult with the
    WeChat: jobsdaily01 or Skype: jobsdaily-HR
    Email to

    Please use these info as the title: Name+Nationality+Where'd you see us+Position type;

    Thank you!

    Why consider teaching in China?
    Teaching abroad in China opportunities include Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary school, Middle 
    school, High school, Universities and adults. Not to mention demand for freelance and hourly 
    Where in China can you teach?
    Cities in China are informally grouped into 3 tiers to give a broad reference to their stage in 
    development. As China is a “developing nation”, the development status of these three tiers varies 
    greatly! The cities recognized as tier 1 are Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Some 
    parts of these cities could easily be confused with western cities. There are over 170 cities in China 
    with 1 million+ people and dozens of them are tier 2 status. This means they likely have an 
    underground metro system, airport, high-speed train station, definitely KFC (Chicken) and 
    Starbucks! With limited access to imported goods and few English speakers, these cities will 
    certainly grant you a full immersion experience.
    After you applying, please check your email address or any contact method you left for your job 



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