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  • Free TESOL DIPLOMA, PAID 1-year Teaching Contract in Harbin, Flexible Start Dates, Non-Degree May Apply

    By: Will-Excel TESOL Institute < Show E-mail >

    Date: Thu, 16 May 2019

    Location: China (Asia)

    Earn a salary while you study TESOL.
    When you finish our course you'll have
    over 500 hours teaching experience,
    beginner-intermediate Mandarin,
    and your government certified TESOL Diploma.




    During your month of training in Harbin:

    • 160 hour government accredited TESOL training course
      • Completed over 4 weeks
      • At least 10-12 hours of evaluated teaching practice
      • At least 10 hours of observing experienced teachers teach classes
    • Free Mandarin Chinese training
      • 20 hours of classes
      • Home study audio course
      • In Harbin, China`s most standard Mandarin city
    • Free drives to and from off-site classes
    • Free shared accommodation with a private bedroom
    • Free lunch and dinner on site
    • Free airport pick up

    During your teaching term:

    An integral part of our program is the teaching term that follows your month of training in Harbin. Will-Excel TESOL has partnered with a number of schools throughout China. These schools provide you with paid teaching terms.

    During the teaching term, Will-Excel TESOL works closely with your sponsor school to evaluate your teaching and provide you with regular feedback. You earn your Will-Excel TESOL Diploma once you have completed 500 hours of evaluated teaching practice.

    The below benefits are guaranteed by all of our sponsor schools. When you are offered a position in our program with a specific sponsor school, the complete details of their benefits will be sent to you to review before accepting the position. Throughout your teaching term you are guaranteed:

    • TESOL Tuition Sponsorship
    • 500 hours of full-time teaching experience
    • Salary:
      • minimum of 8,000-10,000 RMB/month
    • Free accommodations
    • Free medical coverage
    • Work resident permit
    • Higher salary and additional benefits when extending beyond the teaching term

    Apart from the above guaranteed benefits, each school offers various benefits. The exact details of your benefits package is forwarded to you once you receive an offer from one of our sponsor schools.

    It is also possible to complete our course without having to complete a teaching term arranged by Will-Excel TESOL. See our web site for details.





    Real hands-on teaching while studying TESOL theory.

    Most TESOL programs squeeze all of their training together before teacher trainees have any teaching practice.

    With Will-Excel TESOL, you begin teaching classes very early in the program. By integrating input sessions with real teaching, you can immediately apply classroom theory and ask about issues as they arise in the classes that you and your peers teach.

    Beyond the normal course materials, you will receive monthly feedback from students and management throughout the entire 6 month teaching term.

    Government certified TESOL Diploma.

    Other TESOL programs issue only a certificate, which are usually un-graded. This means that their trainees simply have a record that they took the course and nothing more.

    Our Graduates complete over 500 hours of evaluated teaching practice in addition to their TESOL course. Therefore, we are able to issue government certified TESOL Diplomas. Our Graduates also receive detailed transcripts outlining courses studied, grades received, and types of classes taught with corresponding evaluation scores.

    Will-Excel TESOL is owned and run by Westerners with extensive experience in China.

    Will-Excel has been in business in China since 1994, longer than any other Western company offering TESOL training in China. Being Western owned and run gives you the security that we know the needs of Westerners, can smooth cultural differences, and can teach you how to make the most of your life in China.

    Compare us to other programs. The table below shows how we are superior to all other TESOL programs.

    * As there are a limited number of spaces in our program, as a sponsored participant you pay US$200 as a nonrefundable registration fee. This is the only fee you pay and you receive a monthly salary throughout your teaching term. So, you earn money through the Will-Excel TESOL program rather than it costing you money. Our sponsor schools are sponsoring your TESOL Diploma and therefore they will pay all of your remaining fees directly to us. The salary and benefits listed above are what you receive. You do not pay any additional fees from this salary amount.

    Click to learn more about course content and our program.


    Our program is in partnership with the highest class school in Harbin, certified as a Harbin model school, California Sunshine International Language Center. You will have your practice teaching classes with this school. Sunshine is also our leading sponsor for participants` teaching terms. Whether Sunshine or another of our partner schools offers to sponsor your TESOL Diploma, you`ll know exactly who your sponsor is before you accept a position in our program. So, you'll have the security of knowing where you`ll be living and working when you accept a position in our program, unlike other programs where you don`t know where you will teach until after the course is finished.

    Sunshine's locations are in office buildings with top quality facilities.


    You'll have opportunities to teach all ages and levels of students, giving you the most complete TESOL experience.


    There are lots of activities to do with your classmates, co-workers and other friends in Harbin.



    Besides dinners and karaoke, there are a variety of sporting activities, from bowling and pool to badminton and ping pong. Some of us regularly go to gyms to work out and there are other activities organized by other foreigners in town.



    For those less sports-inclined, there are also poker nights, movie nights and trips to the pubs or clubs.


    On holidays, you can visit nearby attractions, including: skiing, hiking, rafting, and scenic locations.


    Chinese and Western festivals are another good reason to celebrate.


    Harbin officially has over 17 million people, one of China`s 10 largest cities. However, Chinese cities cover large areas and therefore count many people that live in the surrounding area. Harbin`s central district has over 10 million.




    Harbin is rich in history, having been under Russian control for many years before the founding of the PRC in 1949. Therefore, it has a mix of Chinese and Russian architecture.




    Harbin has many parks to visit in the summer and unique ice and snow sculptures in the winter.




    Shopping for daily needs can be done at the local shops, street markets or if you prefer you can visit one of the Western style stores such as Walmart or Carrefour. Likewise, most of your restaurant meals will be Chinese. However, if desired you can also eat at McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut or have international foods including Western style, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Arabian.

    Shopping for special Chinese products can also be interesting and fun.




    Whether you`d like to meet local Chinese or people from across the globe, there are plenty of unique characters to make friends with in Harbin. A significant part of your Chinese experience will be the people you become friends with and Harbin is widely considered to have the friendliest people in China.




    Harbin is about 7 hours by train from Beijing or the seaside.




    Flexible program start dates. Positions fill up fast so visit our site and apply today!

    If you have trouble viewing our web site, please e-mail us at Registrar@WillExcelTESOL.com.

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