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  • Native ESL teacher wanted!

    By: Shandong Zibo No.18 Middle School < Show E-mail >

    Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012

    Location: China (Asia)

    Native English speaker wanted! We need an oral English teacher to teach our students. We will only consider applicants from UK, US, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand (nationality). We will not answer applicants from other countries due to efficiency reason.

    1.Start date/ end date: September1,2012 to June 15, 2013.

    2.Workload: Each teacher will work 20 periods (40 minutes each period) per week from Monday to Friday.

    3.Salary: a monthly salary of around RMB5000 yuan to RMB5500 yuan. If you continue working here for a second year, the salary will rise.

    4.Students level: Our students age from11 to 16. Their English level is beginners to pre-intermediate. Our children are bright and eager to learn.

    5.Airfare: One year contract, round-trip airfare of not more than RMB6500 yuan; 6 months contract, one-way airfare of not more than RMB3000 yuan.

    6.Accommodation: We provide 1 bedroom apartment with one sitting room, one kitchen, one western-style bathroom. Each apartment is designed for a single person to live. We also provide a public laundry, which is free of charge. The apartment with its furniture, electrical appliances and kitchen utensils is free of charge for the teacher to use, but the teacher has to pay water, electricity and telephone bills of his/her allocated apartment. In winter, the teacher could use the heating system free of charge.

    7.Paid Holidays: Christmas Day, one day off; winter vacation(at least one month); May Day holiday; National Day holidays, etc.

    8. School Location: The school is located in the center of Zibo city, quite near the downtown. The school has two campuses connected with a wall and a gate. The western teachers’ accommodation building is located in the main campus. Zibo city is in the middle of Shandong, a northern coastal province. Here winter is cold below zero centigrade, summer is hot around 25 to beyond 30 centigrade, and spring is warm and dry, autumn is mild with drizzles. It also has a hilly district, many scenic spots attract tourists here. Zibo is both ancient and modern; it was the capital of the prosperous QI kingdom 2000 years ago, so many ancient relics could still be seen now. It has modern petrol-chemistry industry and famous products of ceramics with silk. The living cost here is comparatively low. The average income of a local employee is around RMB1500 yuan to RMB2000 yuan each month. If you want, you can have a tranquil life here. Taking an express train, it is 4 hours to the north of Beijing (the capital), 1.75 hours to the east of Qingdao( a coastal city), and 1.6 hours to the west of Taishan (Mount Tai). and Confusion’s temple is also in Shandong province.

    9. Visa arrangement: We can help the teacher get a work visa.

    10. Our Requirements: We need one native English speaker with bachelor degree. Two years teaching experience is necessary. A TESOL/TEFL certificate (or the equivalence) is preferred. We like friendly, active, clear English speakers with a good attitude to work and an easy-going temper to colleagues. We prefer a healthy teacher age from 20 to 55.

    If you are seriously interested, please contact us with your resume, a full-length photo, scanned copies of your passport (photopage) and your degree (and your teaching certificate if you have). Contact email address:

    Shandong Zibo No.18 Middle School, P.R.China is a state-owned school which was founded in 1982. We currently have more than 60 classes, and students’ number beyond 3000. We were the first middle school in Zibo city that got the permit from our government to recruit western teachers in the year 2001.

    Our school’s website is Though it is in Chinese, you can have a look of some photos of our campus. We are ready to welcome a newcomer to join us!

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