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  • Re: FREE TEFL COURSE - Thailand Internship

    By: Joven of China ESL and WECITEFL Thailand < Show E-mail >

    Date: Tue, 01 May 2012

    Location: Thailand (Southeast Asia)

    THAILAND: We are in need of 80-100 ESL native English speakers to teach in Thailand this coming September 2012 term. They will undergo Free TEFL/TESOL Course for a month before embarking to training or classroom teaching for a 3 months. Please refer to information below.

    Structure & Timing

    ·Pick up at the airport in Thailand Bangkok

    ·Free 4 week TEFL in Hua Hin (accommodation and allowance not included) Interns must pay for their stay in Hua Hin for the 4 weeks, we would recommend 25/30,000 Thai Baht for this.

    ·Placement 6 months internship with school with allowance of 15,000 Thai Baht per month, remember here interns get paid at the end of the month so must have enough money for their first month to live.

    ·Free accommodation at placement location

    ·Free insurance and tax paid

    ·Work permit issued upon completing the internship

    ·Upon completing the 6 months internship. Full placement job at 30,000 Thai Baht per month. 3,000 Thai baht accommodation allowance, free medical insurance, free working visa, paid one month holidays plus Thai government holidays, round trip airfare allowance approximately US$850-1,000.


    Requirements of the Interns

    ·Native English speaker

    Bachelor degree holder of any discipline

    ·Hold a passport from the UK, USA, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand or Canada.


    · Complete our 4 week free TEFL here in Hua Hin, hold certificate (Free of Charge)


    ·Understand this is an intern position with a free TEFL course included, for the first 6 months the intern WILL have to subsidize their living. WECI pays interns more than most competitors but the wage will only cover basic living during training. Upon full payment post internship the teacher will receive full wage and not have to subsidize their living.


    ·No requirement to speak Thai or teaching experience necessary


    ·Open mindedness



    The internship

    How much allowance will I receive?


    15,000 Thai Baht per month during the internship, after 6 months this will increase to a 30,000 Thai Baht monthly wage.


    Is this enough?

    During the internship training period you may have to subsidize your wage, when you become a fully working teacher you can live very comfortably in Thailand.


    How much will the TEFL cost?

    The TEFL is given to you for free and recuperated from the schools that you are placed at.


    When does the internship start?

    Internships begin in September you will train for one month in TEFL and start work in May. Next training will be August 2012 for September term.


    How long is the internship?

    The internship is 6 months. At the 7th month, the Intern will be full pledge ESL Teacher


    What happens when the internship finishes?

    You will be moved up to a fully paid teacher at the school on a 6 months contract that can be extended for 12 months.


    What about insurance?

    It is advised to buy travel insurance but, upon your attainment of a work permit this insurance is paid for you by WECI.


    What about flights?

    Interns are responsible for booking their flights but will be met at Bangkok airport and shown how to get to Hua Hin.


    How much money will I require for the first two months, before I get paid?

    Firstly, you will complete the 4 week TEFL course; you must bring enough money for accommodation, food and living in Hua Hin. We would estimate this at 25 – 30, 000 baht. The following month you will be placed at the school and paid at the end of the month, we would recommend that you have around 20,000 Thai Baht for the first month.


    How do I arrange a VISA?

    We organize all visas for you.


    The schools & Thailand



    Where will I be located?

    Schools are all across Thailand so you could be placed in a variety of locations.


    What accommodation will I have?

    You will either be placed in a shared house or studio apartment with bathroom.


    Will there be other foreign teachers with me?

    Yes, all teachers will teach alongside other English speaking foreigners.


    How do I get to and from work?

    You will be placed within walking distance of the school.


    What age children will I teach?

    You will be teaching in both private and government schools, students will be from 3-5 kindergarten, 6-10 primary, up to 18 in high school.


    How many students per class?

    This will range from 25 to at most 50. Your TEFL course will prepare you for different class sizes.


    How long are classes?

    Classes will be 50 minutes to 1 hour long.


    What training will I have?

    Firstly you will have your TEFL course to prepare you fully; you will be observed by our team and advised on how to improve regularly.


    How many holidays will I have?

    You will have all Thai public holidays and 1 month with pay to travel.


    What will the working hours be?

    The working hours will be in between 7.45am to 16:30pm Monday to Friday with up to 25 contact hours per week. 20-25 hours work duty every week.


    Who can I talk to if I have a problem?

    You can talk to the course coordinator at any time.

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