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  • Summer Teaching Position/Full-time English Teacher

    By: Gateway Language Village < Show E-mail >

    Date: Tue, 29 May 2012

    Location: China (Asia)

    Full-time English Teacher–Hangzhou–Gateway Language Village


    HANGZHOU, Zhejiang province


    Immediate need:

    5 teachers


    Hiring Dates:

    Year round


    BA in any field


    TEFL, TESOL or similar is required.
    GLV has it own teacher training program.

    Teaching Experience:

    Prefer 2 years teaching experience or a TEFL IN CHINA certificate in liu of experience


    23 - 55 years of age.



    Native English speaking countries
    We also accept applicants from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and mainland China with the right qualifications.


    Excellent English Skills


    Summer Teaching Position


    Summer Youth Camp Teacher (For ages 8-15)


    HANGZHOU, Zhejiang province

    Immediate need:

    5 teachers


    End of June

    Teaching Experience:

    Some experience teaching young students English


    23 - 55 years of age.


    Excellent English Skills, Able to teach and organize activities in a total English environment


    GLV offers a very competitive compensation package that combines salary, working hours, holiday time, and bonuses.

    Working Schedule:

    The teaching schedule is a 5 or 6 day work week with 18 contact hours per week.

    Extra hours

    overtime may be available

    Extra responsibility

    There are opportunities for extra responsibilities in administration, program development and management.

    Vacations and holidays

    First year teachers receive 4 weeks paid vacation, and some of the school holidays;second+ year teachers receive 5 weeks vacations and 2 weeks school holidays.

    Advantages for cultural exchange and environment

    The opportunity to interact with people from many cultures and nationalities. GLV maintains an English only environment, and requires all staff, students and visitors to use English. Teachers come from more than 10 countries, and students are from all over china and overseas.Students are 16 yrs old and above, 90%of the students are working professionals. Teachers meet with new students every two weeks. They have found it interesting to get to know different cultures throughout China.

    Support from Management

    Excellent professional support.Our international management team provides systematic training, mentoring, assistance with any difficulties cultural orientation, assistance with personal affairs,and much more.This has helped many teachers find and develop their strengths, adjust to life in China and form a strong bond with GLV.For this reason highest retention rate for teachers in China.

    Teaching material: Well organized Resource Center

    Access to the most complete and systematic English Teaching Resource Center in China.The resources are continually increasing under the direction of the Resource Center manager.Our experienced manager also assists teachers to find the ideas and materials they need for exciting and effective classes.

    School environment

    GLV maintains a very positive and motivating environment for teachers, staff and students.Teachers in GLV are cooperative, humble, and enjoy sharing and learning.

    Meals in GLV

    GLV provides most meals in our school.These meals are tasty, nutritious and all you can eat.


    Computer and internet access are available for teachers to prepare their lessons and personal use.

    Personal style of teaching

    A unique teaching program that leaves a lot of room for creativity and personal input

    GLV's evening programs (6:30-8:30 for Zhuhai campus and 5:50-7:40 for Hangzhou campus) create a 'Real world English' environment for the students where teachers become facilitators and students become participants. Many teachers enjoy facilitating in these programs as it gives them the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences in a non-traditional teaching way.

    Outdoor activities

    In every two week session regularly planned leisure and sports events are planned for students.Teachers are welcome to join to learn more about the cities they live in and to get to know the students and Chinese culture better in a relaxed and friendly environment.

    Environment of the cities

    Both Zhuhai and Hangzhou are modern, safe,friendly,clean, convenient, cultured and comfortable cities to live in with many cultural and recreational activities available.

    Once we have received your resume and application letter showing that your qualifications meet our requirements we may contact you. In order to conduct the process smoothly, we prefer contact through emails.When there is a need to discuss further the situation, we will take initiative to call you or arrange for an interview in our school if convenient.Thank you!

    Welcome to email your application letter and resume at :hzhr@glvchina.com


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