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  • Teaching Opposites - Young Learners

    By: Asia TEFL < Show E-mail >

    Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2009

    Location: ( Type : Grammar )

    Teaching Opposites Crossword Puzzle Worksheet. Why not consider planning a Backwards Day? Here are some simple ideas for making Backwards Day a fun day of learning

    Invite students and teachers to wear their clothes backwards or inside out.

    Read your "end-of-the day" announcements first thing in the morning. Hold "morning exercises" last thing in the day.

    Have recess in the afternoon instead of the morning.

    Do lessons in the reverse order of your typical day. For example, do science first thing in the morning and do your morning icebreaker activity just before the final bell.

    Call students by their last names instead of their first names. Or give each student a "Hello, My Name Is…" nametag. Have them write their name backwards on the nametag. Refer to one another all day as your backwards names.

    If you can arrange it, watch a short cartoon backwards.

    Plan relay races in which students race backwards.

    Read a book backwards. Start with the last page and read toward the front of the book. This will be especially funny to students if you read a book with which they are familiar. A Dr. Seuss book or a fairy tale -- such as "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" -- should work well.

    Do like Johnny Carson did in his "Carnac the Magnificent" routines. Give students the answers to some riddle questions and see if they can come up with the correct questions.

    Have a contest: Who can recite the alphabet backwards fastest?

    Asia TEFL

    Download Teaching Opposites Worksheet
    Download Teaching Opposites Worksheet

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