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  • A Fun Selection of Mathematical Webquests

    By: Mathematical Webquests < Show E-mail >

    Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011

    Location: ( Type : Math )

    Webquests utilize the Internet and all the world-wide-web’s resources in order to obtain information to be used in a group project. A math Webquest focuses the project on math and uses relevant data to be used in varying mathematical exercises. They also involve students working in cooperation within a group to understand and study mathematics. Most math Webquests involve critical thinking and reasoning in order to reach the right conclusions. This involves problem solving, communication, corrections, representation, and reasoning, which meet the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics process standard.

    Webquests are excellent tools for teachers; they offer a different approach and allow students to become more Internet savvy. Teachers can also use the websites available for the creation of webquests that can focus on the needs of the students in any particular classroom. There is flexibility to an assignment as it can be given on paper or on the web or using other multi-media software. The student becomes a creative researcher instead of just surfing the web. A well laid out Webquest makes students interested in learning. They have the power of the web behind the topic and Webquests let students work at their own pace, allowing for deeper exploration into any subject. It also teaches students the life long skill of working as a team; how to acquire the information they need to answer questions and/or solve problems and to reflect on the information they receive to come to the conclusion they desire.

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