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Too good to be true-Chinese Family looking for UK tutor (views: 11859)

United Kingdom (Europe) - Tue, 05 Apr 2016
bruce bridges

Got this today offering 5,000GBP for a tutor in Manchester   Mr.Sun Weilin and Family Dear Experienced ESL Teacher,How are you doing my friend English teacher,hope my letter meet you ingood health.My name is Mr.Sun Weilin,a Chinese real estate developerand a board chairman/member of Beijing Construction Engineering GroupCO. LTD.I am one of the engineers appointed to handle £800m projectdeal to redevelop Manchester airport in UK and i h....

SAO JOSE DOS CAMPOS (views: 6581)

(South America) - Thu, 08 Sep 2016
Posted by Natalia Melo

I just got the same email from Mr Leo Yan and as it looked too good to be true I typed his name on google and found it to be a scam. It is also very weird that they would want to get a teacher from abroad to go teach English in London :-/ paying for tickets and expenses when they can find teacher right there !!!  ....

Re: Too good to be true-Chinese Family looking for UK tutor (views: 6053)

(Europe) - Tue, 26 Jul 2016
Posted by me

They have moved on to Dubai now, advertising the same to go to Dubai.  The guy is not Chinese, he has an African accent.  I wanted to follow it through, and hopefully they will catch them.....

Re: Too good to be true-Chinese Family looking for UK tutor (views: 6583)

Online (Online) - Thu, 07 Apr 2016
Posted by Georgie

Hey, I agree that this post is too good to be true... but how would it work as a scam?   Kind regards   Georgie....

UK Scam (views: 6648)

Honduras (Central America) - Thu, 19 May 2016
Posted by Sherri Petty

sounds the same as one being posted by a Leo Yan...looks perfect until they want you to MoneyGram 500 pounds for entry. ....

Re: Re: Too good to be true-Chinese Family looking for UK tutor (views: 6648)

China (Asia) - Thu, 07 Apr 2016
Posted by Michael

They will ask for money for processing a visa or ask you to give a deposit for travel costs. Sometimes they are just trying to get personal informtaion.....

Re: Re: Re: Too good to be true-Chinese Family looking for UK tutor (views: 6590)

Mexico (Central America) - Wed, 27 Apr 2016
Posted by Salvador

Be very careful with these guys they will get the better of you (passport, pictures and if you have savings). At the end they will ask for a deposit of 500 pounds to get your visa permit. Don't be fooled I'ts a scam!!!!   Kind regards from Viva Mexico!!....

Guangzhou Worlda Scam (views: 9149)

China (Asia) - Wed, 09 Mar 2016
Scam Knight

Foreign teachers be warned!!!  There is a an ongoing scam being run by a company named Guangzhou Worlda Cultural and Educational Consulting Services, Ltd. where they recruit you for whatever position or location you are seeking to get you to sign a contract, then change the position and location (as the original position discussed never existed).  For more information please see my blog page.  Stay vigilant!....

Abin Latif Shung - esl recruitment2015 (views: 8196)

Malaysia (Southeast Asia) - Sat, 05 Mar 2016

Abin Latif Shung poses as the Human Resources Manager for Sri Kuala Lumpur School in Malaysia.  He offered me a teaching post at the school with an unbelievable salary and benefits.  When I asked the name and email address for the principal at the school to confirm the offer of employment, his answers became curt, informing me that it is unnecessary to speak to anyone other than himself, since he is the person appointing new staff at th....

SCAM - Asking for Copy of Social Security Card (views: 8063)

South Korea (Asia) - Thu, 11 Feb 2016

Interested candidates are advised to apply with his or her resume/cv, photograph, international Passport Copy, Social Security Card or SSN, Permanent USA Address and Earliest date of availability through email: seonglee@outlook.com   Inbox x   Seong Lee   6:05 PM (1 hour ago) Interested candidates are advised to apply with his or her resume/cv, photogr...   ....

Too Good To Be True Offer - Probably a Scam (views: 7378)

China (Asia) - Tue, 09 Feb 2016

This ad came up for a job in China offering $3,200/month and asking to send a lot of informaiton like SSN and permanent US address.  What do they need a Social Security Number for? HIGH PAID ESL/ENGLISH TEACHING POSITIONS WITH FREE VISA + AIR TICKET + HOUSING PROVIDEDWe are looking for 2 American ESL/ENGLISH teachers for immediate employment in BEIJING, CHINA.we have many jobs available . We do all the work to make your job search as easy an....

Beware of Spammers such as Jiamei Education (views: 4451)

China (Asia) - Wed, 27 Jan 2016

They may have legitimate jobs but since they post/spam the jobs board with 100s of jobs at one time (literally), chances are they are fishing sites for vacant jobs and then trying to find applicants to "sell" to the open positions.  How well can they be screening hundreds of jobs with cut and paste job descriptions. They always use the same email:  Jiamei Education at dorama2015@aliyun.com and then switch to Sally at sall....

Dubai British School - Fake posing as the actual school (views: 7761)

United Arab Emirates (Middle East) - Sat, 16 Jan 2016

Dubai British School - (dubaibritish-school.com) - Dubai, UAE - Fake posing as the actual school The above school will contact you via the principal of the "school": Andy Homden (principals@dubaibritish-school.com / Tel:00971501874916 ). In the email, they will refer you to the Wikepedia listing for the school: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dubai_British_School but they are a scam. The actual Dubai British School is at http://www.dubaibritishschoo....

They are scammmers posing as the American School of Madrid and the The Schengen Visa Office. The school is aware of this scam and has posted a warning on their website. They will ask for your CV, cover letter and photo after which they will forward a somewhat simplistic application. After this, they will send you a too good to be true contract with the director's signature and request that you forward copies of your passport, bank statement and v....

Admin Officers/Tutors/Assit lecturers - Wells University Job Offer Scam (views: 7944)

United Kingdom (Europe) - Sun, 06 Dec 2015
Admin Officers/Tutors/Assit lecturers - Wells University Job Offer Scam

Another common scam where they take the school name and create a very convincing ad and even have a website but when you look closely at the email/website, you will see one or two letters missing.  They even made a nice little logo for the university.  Finally, the 120,000 GBP salary per year should be a tip off. Copy of the original ad: Wells University of London is a vibrant learning environment – fostering innovation and creati....

Private Tutor Scam - Dr. George McGeorge - Devon, England (views: 7610)

United Kingdom (Europe) - Sat, 05 Dec 2015
Private Tutor Scam - Dr. George McGeorge - Devon, England

This is another email scam asking for you to help teach his wife (Vietnamese) and child. He claims to be an American living abroad while offering 3,500 GBP to teach his family. This scam is actually quite detailed in that he sends mutliple emails with pictures of his family and even his "passport". Regardless, one thing remains the same...too good to be true.  His email is geemcgeorge@googlemail.com PLEASE NOTE: The email and names chan....

Posting for Jobs that are NOT teaching is usually a warning sign (views: 7536)

Indonesia (Southeast Asia) - Sat, 05 Dec 2015

We are always surprised when we see job postings for jobs that have nothing to do with teaching...whether it is industrial jobs or web search evaluators.  If they are posting on a teaching site, they are either desperate or lying.  An example (and notice that they don't use a website email but some generic email address...NOT very corporate!): Open Career PT Bumi Resources Tbk 2015/2016 Due to facing fast business growth and expanding o....

Teaching Job Scam in Turkey with "Many Benefits" (views: 7961)

Turkey (Middle East) - Fri, 04 Dec 2015
Teaching Job Scam in Turkey with

The following is a false job offere being posted for a job in Turkey with "Many Benefits" and a salary of $4,750USD/month.  Remember...if it sounds too good to be true...then it probably is... We are looking for teachers of ESL/English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Mathematics, Social Studies, Physics, Government, Literature, Music, History, Biology, Chemistry, Commerce, Account and Agric to work with us in Istanbul,Turkey.We will offer you a ....

Sri Garden School - ESL teaching job offer scam in Kuala Lumpur (views: 10136)

Malaysia (Southeast Asia) - Fri, 04 Dec 2015
Sri Garden School - ESL teaching job offer scam in Kuala Lumpur

Beware of scam job posting in the name of Sri Garden School uisng email sri-vacancies@post.com.  This is not really the school.  Example of scam posting below: Hello,This to inform you that due to on going expansion in our School, we invite resourceful and committed individuals with the right attitude, skills and experience to join us as an ESL TEACHER:Requirements:• Candidates with at least a Bachelor’s degree in the re....