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TESL jobs abroad that change frequently (views: 5388)

Online (Online) - Tue, 16 Oct 2007

Hello. I have searched the forum before posting but have not come across an answer to this. Have any of you heard of jobs teaching english, that are temporary assignments, not lasting more than 3 months, for example. But, in different countries every time. I would like to do this, but I want to travel frequently. I saw postings through the Marcus Evans Group (Linguarama), which is the concept I am looking for. They teach businesses in private set....

Teaching English in Russia as a volunteer (views: 5359)

Online (Online) - Mon, 15 Oct 2007

Would anybody be interested in having a bit of teaching experience in Izhevsk, Russia, let me know. That would involve teaching English at the English evening courses, up to 15 hours a week and additionally teaching almost any classes (if one feels like doing it) at a regular Junior/Junior High School. Can be anything from PE to Physics... (Done in English or any other major language, just let me know which!) The time one can or wants to start up....

Re: Teaching English in Russia as a volunteer (views: 5210)

Online (Online) - Sun, 21 Oct 2007
Posted by GoTeacher

Are you working as a volunteer for a school board or some other sponsoring organization? Is that a special visa or simply a tourist one? I'm asking on behalf of anyone else reading this thread; I'm not interested myself (although the idea of teaching in Russia some day sounds good). ....

Online ESL teaching (views: 5631)

Online (Online) - Mon, 08 Oct 2007

After trying out several web sites that say they specialize in online ESL teaching I found http://www.BookaChat.com This site is fairly new but already I have had a couple of students and the system works pretty well. It uses Skype for communication between students and teachers and if you are online with Skype students can find you through the website and contact you for a lesson. Students can also book you for a lesson at a later time. Best of ....

Re: Online ESL teaching (views: 5407)

Online (Online) - Tue, 12 Aug 2008
Posted by ralph wilsen

I think this is a disguised ad because tutors sign up with their own email address and are not offered a "bookachat" email address. ....

ESL jobs in Toronto, Canada (views: 5718)

Online (Online) - Fri, 28 Sep 2007

Hello, how are you? I'm planning to move to Toronto to look for work in teaching ESL. I'd like to know some info about the good schools to work for, as well as not-so-good ones to avoid. I'm looking for a school with a well established curriculum to follow with materials they provide for you... I'm still learning about teaching ESL so I'm hoping to work in a more structured environment. I was wondering too if it's possible to find work in private....

Re: ESL jobs in Toronto, Canada (views: 5649)

Online (Online) - Sat, 29 Sep 2007
Posted by GoTeacher

"I was wondering too if it's possible to find work in private schools without having a TESL Ontario certificate. I've taken an accredited course (with practicum and all that), and I have teaching experience abroad..." You shouldn't have a problem. Most private language schools SHOULD NOT require TESL Ontario-approved certificates. At most (if they are members of CAPLS, for example), they will require TESL Canada-approved or equivalent credentials....

Re: ESL jobs in Toronto, Canada (views: 5530)

Online (Online) - Mon, 29 Oct 2007
Posted by TeachD

Thanks GoTeacher. I just had my first day of the TEFL course in BC, and the teacher told me that Ontario is special. Pretty disappointed. But at least I can get TESL Canada certification. Do you have any schools that you know of that hire teachers with TESL Canada, overseas experience ( 6 years)? Anything you know would be SO MUCH appreciated! ....

Re: ESL jobs in Toronto, Canada (views: 5363)

Online (Online) - Sat, 08 Dec 2007
Posted by GoTeacher

Sorry for the delay in replying? How are you making out with your job search? Ontario is "special" in the most euphemistic sense of the word. The are out-of-whack with the rest of the private language school industry in the country. While I am all for comprehensive teacher training and raising the bar when it comes to TESOL certificate benchmarks, TESL Ontario's approach seems exclusive, elitest and counter-productive. ....

Re: ESL jobs in Toronto, Canada (views: 5938)

Online (Online) - Sat, 29 Sep 2007
Posted by Collin

Hello, thanks so much for your response. I'm still a little unclear though. Actually I don't have any certification at all (for TESL Canada or Ontario). What I do have is a diploma from the school where I studied TESL. I'm now eligible to apply for TESL Canada/Ontario certification (to be a card-carrying member, kind of thing). I could do that but it's a) costly and b) I'll have to wait for a while until the next application. I know government-sp....

Teaching in Cuba (views: 10184)

Online (Online) - Wed, 12 Sep 2007
Guy Courchesne

Does anyone know of paid teaching opportunities in Cuba, preferably in EFL? ....

Re: Teaching in Cuba (views: 5612)

Online (Online) - Sat, 15 Sep 2007
Posted by GoTeacher

I don't know, but someone at UTIC might: http://www.unitedtesol.com They run (or used to run) TESOL courses in Santa Lucia, Cuba. ....

Thanks to Guy for the plug (views: 5353)

Online (Online) - Sat, 08 Sep 2007

Thanks for the plug, Guy: http://www.teachers-international.com/wordpress/?p=42 ....

How do I know if i have what it takes? (views: 5266)

Online (Online) - Tue, 28 Aug 2007

I've been looking around on this, i want to say this is what i want to do, this is what i want to go to college for, but i want to know, is it for everybody? I would love to seriously be an aid or something to see if it's what i want to do for a living but I'm not sure if the experience is possible, I've already completed a yr of college going for and English major, I had planned on teaching in a class room here in the U.S. but I'm curious if I w....

Re: How do I know if i have what it takes? (views: 4989)

Online (Online) - Sun, 02 Sep 2007
Posted by GoTeacher

Have you thought about volunteering? You might be able to tutor on campus through an international student center (if your college/university has one) or on your own by placing ads on bulletin boards. Volunteering off campus might be an option as well. Another possibility is online tutoring via Skype or something similar. Do a little research and seek out some opportunities to test drive TESL/TEFL and then decide for yourself if you have what it ....

stories from teachers - help! (views: 4819)

Online (Online) - Mon, 27 Aug 2007

hi there! I need some help, please. I run a teach abroad blog for StudentTraveler.com and I need a couple stories from real people who have taught (or are teaching) English abroad. any stories, any locations! please email me at justin@justinwashere.com or post in this forum to share with everyone! just a couple paragraphs about a specific experience or about your overall experience. I'll print your name and if you like, a link to your website. th....

Re: stories from teachers - help! (views: 5195)

Online (Online) - Sun, 02 Sep 2007
Posted by GoTeacher

Is Student Traveler increasing its TEFL content? I just finished visiting the website and there seems to be a lot more there then when I last visited. Good to see! ....

Re: stories from teachers - help! (views: 5291)

Online (Online) - Sat, 29 Sep 2007
Posted by eigoman

More TEFL is a good thing. The new site design is not. ....

Teaching English in Thailand (views: 4791)

Online (Online) - Wed, 15 Aug 2007
TEFL Intercontinental

TEFL English Teacher Training Academy .........TEFL Intercontinental offers an internationally recognized TEFL Certificate to those who are interested in a teaching position in Pattaya or anywhere in Thailand. You will get paid, get a work permit and get to stay in Thailand Guaranteed Job & Work Permit Live & Work Legally www.teflintercon.com E-mail : info@teflintercon.com Tel : +66(0)86-8415976 ....

Re: Teaching English in Thailand (views: 4908)

Online (Online) - Thu, 16 Aug 2007
Posted by Guy Courchesne

TEFL Intercontinental? In Thailand? That's really close to TEFL International...in the same country and in the name. Is this real? ....

Playing name games with TESOL training (views: 5318)

Online (Online) - Sun, 02 Sep 2007
Posted by GoTeacher

I don't know anything about this course but your posting got me thinking about the potential for name games in the TESOL training industry. Could a Cambridge, Ontario-based teacher training program not legitimately call itself Cambridge TESOL? I would also imagine Trinity Western University in Canada could get away with issuing a Trinity TESOL certificate without the endorsement of Trinity College in the United Kingdom. ....

WARNING!! Alifa Sushan English Language Centre, Shenyang, China (views: 5177)

Online (Online) - Fri, 03 Aug 2007
Ming The Merciless

I have just returned home for the first time after 5 years in China. There are some great schools out there, but, sadly, there are of course some terrible ones too. The worst offender that I have come across in my time was [mod edit] of Sushan English. I could not honestly, even as a joke, recommend somebody to work there. Even if I hated that person! [mod edit] is a pathological liar and a cheat. She is a bully, and uses her large Iranian family....

Re: WARNING!! Alifa Sushan English Language Centre, Shenyang, China (views: 5351)

Online (Online) - Wed, 15 Aug 2007
Posted by greenlantern

I was a former employee and would like to get in contact with you. I know where you're coming from, it was an awfully run school. ....

Re: WARNING!! Alifa Sushan English Language Centre (views: 5377)

Online (Online) - Tue, 12 Feb 2008
Posted by leenalou

I wish I'd seen this article sooner! I went to work at this school earlier this year. After only a month I realized that Suzanne Scruggs simply was not "on the up-and-up." The school is poorly run, has no a.c., the supplies are all rundown, and the people are unorganized. She's completely unprofessional as is her Chinese staff. The Chinese manager spoke no English and the Chinese teachers were cliquish and hard to work with. Several tea....

Job Seeking (views: 4773)

Online (Online) - Fri, 03 Aug 2007

I've been currently looking for a job, something that I can do from home. I’m a full time mother of two girls, and I don’t have time to have a job away from home. I've been looking around at a few possibilities; I’ve found one but I’m not sure. The Rise Group International, http://www.therisegroup.com has anyone heard of them, or involved with them. If you could get back to me ASAP that would be great. ....

Re: Job Seeking (views: 4523)

Online (Online) - Fri, 03 Aug 2007
Posted by Guy Courchesne

"The RISE Group is a product evaluation and marketing firm that is focused on building wealth & wellness for all of our members. We strive to learn more about the nutritional products that are offered on the market and provide our evaluator community excellent alternative income opportunities. Our members get paid cash for filling out surveys online and providing us with valuable feedback about the products we send them." When I was younger, I re....

Canadians and TEFL in Korea (views: 4667)

Online (Online) - Wed, 18 Jul 2007

Canadians are still going to Korea to teach English in huge numbers. A fraction of those are doing it illegally, risking deportation and jail time by obtaining employment with fake degrees. The argument used to be that young Canucks had little choice given the economy at home but surely that isn't the case anymore. Jobs abound in Alberta and British Columbia, jobs that pay more than TEFL in Korea. There is obviously more to the attraction than mo....

Re: Canadians and TEFL in Korea (views: 4670)

Online (Online) - Sat, 28 Jul 2007
Posted by Guy Courchesne

"There is obviously more to the attraction than money. Why are people still risking arrest to teach where they shouldn't?" I've always placed the blame on TESOL course providers in Canada and recruiters. If someone wants to run a little test, find as many course providers in Canada as you can and contact them asking about how one can get to teach in Korea without a degree. I'll wager many will be much more interested in getting the course fee tha....

New to TEFL, not to teaching (views: 4734)

Online (Online) - Mon, 16 Jul 2007

My girlfriend and I want to relocate abroad somewhere to teach English for a while so we can support ourselves with good employment while being immersed in a foreign language culture. Mandy is a high school Spanish teacher in the US with a Bachelor's degree in Spanish education and three years teaching experience. She also taught EFL for the Wall Street Institute when she lived in Mexico. I have my US Bachelor's degree in English with an emphasis....

Re: New to TEFL, not to teaching (views: 4868)

Online (Online) - Wed, 15 Aug 2007
Posted by TEFL Teacher

I wanted to respond to your post because I was in a similar situation when I got into TEFL. I was a French and German teacher in the UK before taking a TEFL course. I still found the TEFL course very useful and practical because teaching English, while using many of the same techniques, is different. Also, the course I took (Via Lingua CTEFL in Crete) has a very practical approach and gives you a lot of real practice. I found that the CELTA and T....

Re: New to TEFL, not to teaching (views: 4815)

Online (Online) - Wed, 18 Jul 2007
Posted by eigoman

If you decide to give it a go without a CELTA or Trinity certificate, please let us know how you make out. Cambridge in particular claims to work with organizations around the world to "ensure the acceptance of CELTA globally." I for one have often wondered if that campaign included informing schools of who doesn't need a CELTA in addition to who does. In my opinion, you shouldn't need a CELTA to get a job but my opinion doesn't count for much. T....

Re: New to TEFL, not to teaching (views: 4492)

Online (Online) - Tue, 17 Jul 2007
Posted by GoTeacher

My girlfriend and I want to relocate abroad somewhere to teach English for a while so we can support ourselves with good employment while being immersed in a foreign language culture. In my opinion, the most important factor in answering the questions that follow is where you want to go. When it comes to TESOL, the planet is far too big to give accurate advice against a backdrop of wanting to teach "somewhere." 1) For our goals, does CELTA or Tr....

Warning! Fun Language Ltd, Thailand (views: 12992)

Online (Online) - Mon, 09 Jul 2007

I have just completed my contract with Fun Language Ltd in Bangkok. 10 days after leaving the company I am still waiting for my final pay check and the company seem to be resisting my efforts to get the money they owe me. And this does not seem to be an isolated case, 3 of the teachers who left before me left in tears due to the company's unwillingness to pay its employees money it owes them. Even on a monthly basis,overtime payments are frequent....

Re: Warning! Fun Language Ltd, Thailand (views: 835)

Thailand (Asia) - Wed, 21 Nov 2018
Posted by Donald Carroll

Can you tell me some other schools I can apply to in Bangkok? I do not have a bachelors degree, but I do have six months of experience teaching ESL online with DaDaABC, and, I am teaching English at private school to grades ten and twelve. I have to leave this positoon, however, as I do nothave a bachelors degree, and they cannot get me a work permit without that. I would need a work permit also?....

Re: Re: Warning! Fun Language Ltd, Thailand (views: 783)

Thailand (Southeast Asia) - Wed, 21 Nov 2018
Posted by Michael

Getting a work permit in Thailand is near impossible without a degree.  It can be done but is usually only for rural, up-country schools which have a special release from the Ministries to employ non-degreed teachers.  There is no list of what schools can so it is simply finding out by visiting.  These school rarely, if ever, advertise because they are so remote.....

Re: Warning! Fun Language Ltd, Thailand (views: 4969)

United Kingdom (Europe) - Fri, 29 Jul 2016
Posted by Matt

Yeah i had some teribble experiences in my 8 months with this company, most of the points in the previous posts are correct. I would avoid this company like the plague, why do you think they have removed reviews from their facebook page and on google? I think alot of people have had negative experiences with this fraudulent company so best to avoid it like the plauge.   Matt....

Re: Warning! Fun Language Ltd, Thailand (views: 4997)

Thailand (Southeast Asia) - Sun, 10 Jul 2016
Posted by Daniel

Just a warning to stay away from this company.... its borderline fraudulent   in 2016 many of the problems from the initial post are still prominent.....the company not only has a cultural problem but a management problem, the boss of the company is an absolute joke who was given the company and has pretty much run it to the ground...   so yeah stay away from the company at all costs...and the reply above from "scot" is from the gutless....

Re: Warning! Fun Language Ltd, Thailand (views: 5444)

Online (Online) - Mon, 05 May 2008
Posted by munky

Hey. I read your review and I was considering working for Fun Language but your review is very offputting. I heard it is a good school for a first time teacher but any advice I would really appreciate. Cheers ....

Nigerian teachers with fake degrees seeking ESL jobs (views: 4747)

Online (Online) - Thu, 05 Jul 2007

We received the following resume posting on the TeachOverseas.ca website: NIGERIAN COUPLE WITH FAKE DEGREES SEEK ESL POSITIONS Interesting way to attract attention. We clicked it, but only as part of the process of deleting it (which we then didn't do once we read the entire posting). If you were a school owner, would you click it motivated by anything more than curiousity? ....

Re: Nigerian teachers with fake degrees seeking ESL jobs (views: 5611)

Online (Online) - Sun, 08 Jul 2007
Posted by GoTeacher

That's a little bit like advertising yourself as a former Enron employee seeking accounting work. The adage that all publicity is good publicity doesn't necessarily apply when first impresssions are important and tongue-in-cheek humour may be perceived as inappropriate or offensive, if it is understood at all. ....

Online Certification (views: 4651)

Online (Online) - Thu, 28 Jun 2007
Larry Meza

Does anyone have any insight into which online programs are the best and the most legitimate? Has anyone had any experience with these? I am looking at several and have no clue which to choose. I am not referring to those that programs that are offered by a university. I appreciate any help. ....

Re: Online Certification (views: 4336)

Online (Online) - Sat, 30 Jun 2007
Posted by eigoman

Do you have to do it online? While better than nothing, it isn't the best way to train to teach English. I think you will discover that many employers share that opinion. ....

TEFL Launches Degree in Teaching with Sikkim Manipal University (views: 5705)

Online (Online) - Thu, 28 Jun 2007
TEFL International

A solution for all wannabe non-degree teachers With both the Thai Government and most schools insisting on a degree as the minimum qualification for a teacher, TEFL International in association with Sikkim Manipal University has launched a unique Bachelor of Science in Language Teaching (BScLT) degree course. This course not offers a graduate degree but also develops the skills of language teaching equivalent to the TEFL or TESOL program. So with....

Financing Your Future: How to Economize and Save in Modern China (views: 4951)

Online (Online) - Mon, 25 Jun 2007

Financing Your Future: How to Economize and Save in Modern China Recently I have been developing training materials for the school I work for, Sunshine International Language Center (Harbin) and its partner Will-Excel TESOL. These materials aim to make the transition from west to east as comfortable as possible for our new teachers. Over the past few weeks I have noticed a lot of activity on this forum in particular and thought that this material....

Teacher Training in China (views: 4643)

Online (Online) - Mon, 25 Jun 2007

Hi there, I'm a licensed teacher trainer who has worked in the US and Latin America (and ESL in Asia prior to this). Lately I've been reading quite a bit about how much ESL is taking off in China, as well as the emphasis some organizations are placing on concepts such as student-centered classrooms and experiential learning. It seems there must be a huge demand for quality teacher development there in these areas, but over the web it can be a bit....

Grammarman Comic (views: 4999)

Online (Online) - Wed, 16 May 2007
Brian Boyd

Just a quick heads up to let you know that the website has been updated a few times recently. www.grammarmancomic.com There are now 30 comics in the Students' Comics section. There's a free elementary graded reader to download/print, and there are some blank comic templates which students can use for writing practice. Thanks Brian . ....

Reliable schools. Professional service (views: 4894)

Online (Online) - Mon, 09 Apr 2007
Asia-Pacific Connections

APC is currently hiring for 20+ positions, mostly in the city of Seoul, Seoul area, Busan and Daegu, with employment starts in April, May, June and July. All the jobs require a 12-month commitment and a full-undergraduate degree (minimum). We cannot place non-native speakers of English (however good your English may be), nor can we place citizens of non-English speaking countries. All the jobs involve teaching children. All of the jobs are M-F an....

Re: The 100 hour threshold and the CELTA (views: 4934)

Online (Online) - Thu, 08 Feb 2007
Posted by eigoman

"Most full-time CELTA courses run over about 140 contact hours..." Interesting. It's curious that CELTA has become synonymous with the 100/6 hour requirements that define certificate training in the TESOL industry when the majority of Cambridge-sanctioned courses far exceed that threshold. ....

Re: The 100 hour threshold and the CELTA (views: 4858)

Online (Online) - Thu, 08 Feb 2007
Posted by Martin McMorrow

Hi, well there is some connection between CELTA and the 100 hour mark. In the past, the minimum course length was set at 100 hours PLUS 6 hours teaching practice and 8 hours observation of experienced teachers - totalling 114. Several years ago, this was revised - the observation of experienced teachers was reduced to 6 hours and the total was increased to 120. But full-time CERT courses (known as RSA TEFL prep cert - and later just Cert - betwee....

The history of certicate training in TESOL (views: 4793)

Online (Online) - Thu, 22 Feb 2007
Posted by eigoman

Interesting! Do you know if there is a book or website where more information on the history of courses like the CELTA can be found? I would be partiuclarly interested to know how and why Cambridge got involved post-RSA (if I have that right in terms of timeline). ....

EU grants for teachers and teacher training courses in the UK (views: 4919)

Online (Online) - Tue, 27 Mar 2007
Anna-Maria Davids

Would you like to attend a 2 week teacher training course in the UK, Ireland or Malta? If you work in an EU country you can apply for the "Comenius Grants for teachers of English as a foreign language". Grants up to 1500 €. For more informatiom about the teacher training courses and how to obtain the grant visit http://www.thelanguagemenu.com/material_cms/index.php?content=512 ....

Subsidised TEFL Training (views: 4746)

Online (Online) - Fri, 23 Mar 2007
Considering TEFL

I've recently finished my degree and am looking into TEFL. I came across EF's Subsidised Training Programme ( http://www.englishfirst.com/trt/subsidised_training.html ) - has anyone been on this TEFL Certificate progam? Be great to hear what it was like - it seems a fantastic opportunity. ....

New ESL job board for Latin America (views: 4811)

Online (Online) - Thu, 01 Feb 2007

The Web's first (we think!) comprehensive ESL job board for Latin America is now online on TESall.com. Powered by ESL Job Feed, TESall.com's Latin America job board is updated daily and includes postings from Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica and the rest of Latin America. Click to visit TESall.com's Latin America job board and let us know what you think. ....

Re: New ESL job board for Latin America (views: 5187)

Online (Online) - Sun, 04 Feb 2007
Posted by Guy Courchesne

Good work...I've seen other job posting boards with a Latin America section, but they are often sparsely populated. Latin America has not been a place to make extensive use of the net in staffing. ....

Re: New ESL job board for Latin America (views: 4782)

Online (Online) - Thu, 08 Feb 2007
Posted by eigoman

I can't find a single job opening at an ocean-front resort on the Caribbean. And you call this new board a great resource! ....

Beach-front TEFL jobs (views: 5291)

Online (Online) - Sun, 02 Sep 2007
Posted by GoTeacher

As I recall, positions in Tahiti seem to come available once a year over at ESL Cafe. Check the job board there on April 1st. ....

Re: New ESL job board for Latin America (views: 4866)

Online (Online) - Sun, 11 Feb 2007
Posted by Guy Courchesne

While teaching in Acapulco, I suffered the distinct inability to haul myself out of the hammock or out of the pool to make a job posting on the net. Mañana, I kept telling myself. ....

The 100 hour threshold and the CELTA (views: 4708)

Online (Online) - Tue, 30 Jan 2007

How are CELTA's 100 hours alotted? Are the six hours of "supervised practice teaching" included in the 100 or are they over and above? How many of those 100 hours are spent observing other teachers? If anyone out there has taken the course and can comment on the timetabling I would be greatly appreciative. ....

Re: The 100 hour threshold and the CELTA (views: 5370)

Online (Online) - Sun, 11 Feb 2007
Posted by SZ

I am interested to know if the CELTA is as well known aroudn the world as the SIT or TEFL INTERNATIONAL courses are? My friend thinks the CELTA is a good course but she doesn't know if it has the same profile as those American courses do...maybe because it is British? ....

Re: The 100 hour threshold and the CELTA (views: 4712)

Online (Online) - Mon, 12 Feb 2007
Posted by ykle

CELTA? Never heard of it... ;) ....

Re: The 100 hour threshold and the CELTA (views: 4538)

Online (Online) - Tue, 13 Feb 2007
Posted by GoTeacher

As I am sure you gathered, ykle's reply was tongue-in-cheek. CELTA is easily the most recognized and requested certificate in Europe. Elsewhere around the world you will need to do your research. Where do you want to teach? ....

Re: The 100 hour threshold and the CELTA (views: 4394)

Online (Online) - Tue, 13 Feb 2007
Posted by sensay

I teach in Japan and I have never heard of any of the courses you are talking about. I know SIT does Master's degrees and I know of a few other programs that run MA's here like Temple. If you're planning to teach in Japan I second the advice to do some research. I think you will find that a lot of schools here don't know anything about these certificates. ....

CELTA and teaching children in Japan (views: 5187)

Online (Online) - Sun, 08 Jul 2007
Posted by GoTeacher

The other issue you will want to keep in mind is who you are teaching. A growing number of teachers in Japan work primarily and even exclusively with children. The "A" in CELTA stands for "Adults." While the course likely isn't moot for teachers of young learners, it certainly wasn't designed for them. ....

Re: CELTA and teaching children in Japan (views: 4675)

Online (Online) - Wed, 18 Jul 2007
Posted by eigoman

I wonder if the good folks at Cambridge take the time to contact schools that teach children and mistakenly request CELTA qualifications to inform them of the error. Me thinks not. ....

Re: The 100 hour threshold and the CELTA (views: 4863)

Online (Online) - Wed, 31 Jan 2007
Posted by Belly

What is it with everyone's infatuation with hours and training? You don't see Bachelor of Education programs advertising the hours it takes to complete them. I'm sure the total hours vary greatly from program to program and it isn't an issue. Why is it for teaching English abroad? ....

Re: The 100 hour threshold and the CELTA (views: 4424)

Online (Online) - Sun, 04 Feb 2007
Posted by Guy Courchesne

Quality of hours of instruction is of far more importance, but that is difficult to use as a marketing tool, hence the numbers game. 100 hours of dithering certainly isn't the equal of a single hour of good instruction. ....

TEFL International's many websites (views: 4262)

Online (Online) - Sat, 27 Jan 2007
tommy t

I've heard so many good things about their courses but every time I visit one of the websites that represents them I am struck by how badly they are designed and presented. If you really are the world's largest TESOL provider you might want to start presenting yourself at that level. ....

Re: TEFL International's many websites (views: 4516)

Online (Online) - Tue, 30 Jan 2007
Posted by eigoman

Maybe it's just me but the majority of TI's web design budget seems to go to creating banners for placement on ESL Cafe! ;) ....

Don't judge a book by its cover (views: 5908)

Online (Online) - Mon, 29 Jan 2007
Posted by GoTeacher

Conversely, some fairly shady courses have some very slick websites. It just goes to show... ....

Re: Don't judge a book by its cover (views: 4725)

Online (Online) - Sun, 11 Feb 2007
Posted by SZ

I have heard that TEFL INTERNATIONAL is the biggest and best known course in the world. It is the one I most want to take but I am also considering the SIT and CELTA ones. ....

The cream of the MA TESOL crop (views: 4376)

Online (Online) - Wed, 24 Jan 2007

Just curious if there is a CELTA-like king of the hill in the realm of MA TESOL programs. Birmingham is a name I hear mentioned a lot along with Temple and SIT. Any others anyone else would like to make a case for? ....

Re: The cream of the MA TESOL crop (views: 4617)

Online (Online) - Thu, 25 Jan 2007
Posted by ykle

How about the Cambridge MA TESOL? Oh, wait a minute, they don't have one. ....

I want to teach in Japan (views: 4520)

Online (Online) - Wed, 24 Jan 2007

Do I need a teaching certificate? I have a degree and I have thought about going to teacher's college but I thought that teaching in Japan would be a great way to get a taste of the classroom before deciding on a career path. That is, if I can get a job there without going to teacher's college first! Thanks in advance for any responses. ....

Re: I want to teach in Japan (views: 4331)

Online (Online) - Thu, 25 Jan 2007
Posted by GoTeacher

If by "teaching certificate" you mean a provincial/state accredited credential for public school purposes, then you don't need one. You may find some employers in Japan request or require TESOL certificates but most will be happy with your undergraduate degree. ....

Re: I want to teach in Japan (views: 4855)

Online (Online) - Tue, 13 Feb 2007
Posted by sensay

I don't know if you will find a certificate helps your job seach here. Maybe I'm wrong but to be an ALT you generally just need to be "genki". (And have a degree in something.) ....

Austalian Master's Degrees In TESOL (views: 4359)

Online (Online) - Sun, 21 Jan 2007

I am a Canadian with an undergraduate degree. I have been teaching English for more than 10 years in Canada and overseas. I am considering taking a Master's degree in TESOL and I have been advised to look into Australian universities which offer distance/online programs. Are these programs recognized outside of Australia? I am currently in Canada and may want to teach abraod again in the near future. Thank you. ....

Discriminating against distance degrees (views: 4480)

Online (Online) - Wed, 31 Jan 2007
Posted by Belly

Many of the master's degree programs taken by public school teachers in Canada are done by distance or a blend of on and off campus study. Why don't governments like Taiwan and Saudi Arabia recognize degrees done by distance in the TESOL field? I highly doubt they apply the same standard to administration positions at international schools when "real" teachers with distance or blended master's degrees apply. ....

Re: Discriminating against distance degrees (views: 4268)

Online (Online) - Thu, 08 Feb 2007
Posted by eigoman

Good point. My sense is that this disparity speaks more about respect for each profession (public school teaching vs. TESOL) then it does about the degree providers. ....

Re: Austalian Master's Degrees In TESOL (views: 4521)

Online (Online) - Tue, 30 Jan 2007
Posted by eigoman

I just read elsewhere that distance MA degrees from *any* country are not accepted in Saudi Arabia. Double-check that to be sure. It used to be that way in Taiwan as well but I'm not sure that is still the case. ....

Recognition in Canada (views: 4376)

Online (Online) - Mon, 22 Jan 2007
Posted by GoTeacher

This may be completely irrelevant but it's probably worthy of mention anyway: Australian Bachelor of Education are not always recognized in Canada. The reasons vary (click here for more) and likely have nothing to do with the quality or recognition of their TESOL Master's degrees in Canada. All that being said, it is always worth the effort to poll some target schools in advance of undertaking any TESOL training, whether it be a certificate cours....

Re: Australian Master's Degrees In TESOL (views: 4469)

Online (Online) - Mon, 22 Jan 2007
Posted by eigoman

My understanding is that Aussie degrees are a great way to go for experienced teachers who are concurrently employed. You can (and likely have to) use what you are learning in the classroom as your make your way through your coursework. This guy did his Master's through university in Australia and created this website as part of his coursework: www.englishabroad.ca ....

TEFL Domain for sale (views: 4824)

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Raj Pillai

Dear sir, I just wanted to check whether anybody interested in "TEFLguru.com" domain i happen to own. I was planning to start something on that site but now i have too many things in hand and i'm looking to sell the domain. Do let me know what you think. Best Regards, Raj Pillai http://www.phplive.org ....

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Posted by eigoman

As Yogi Berra would say, "It's deja vu all over again!" ....