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  • Are there any non-native english teachers currently working in EA and SEA? Especially (but not limited to) Vietnam and Taiwan!

    By: Michele D'Achille < Show E-mail >

    Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2020

    Location: (Southeast Asia)

    Hi everyone, I am a 26yo aspiring english teacher originally from Italy, with a huge softspot for SEA. I have studied (music), lived and worked (mainly in hospitality) in the UK for the past 5 years, so my actual level of written and spoken english is not a problem (although my pronunctiation and vocabulary range certainly need brushing up). However, browsing through various TEFL job boards and Vietnamese job search platforms I've realized that almost every job posting requires the applicant to hold a passport from an english speaking country; only 1-2 postings specified that a non-native holding a C1 certificate (which I am planning on getting soon anyway) would be considered although obviously not preferred. Keeping in mind that I'm looking to attend a face to face CELTA course in maybe Vietnam, Taiwan or Cambodia, look for a job right after the course while I'm still there (I've read it's quite common to exchange your tourist visa for a working permit on the spot once you find a sponsor) and that I'll have a C1 certificate with me, is teaching in SEA as a non-native actually achievable? Is anyone on here currently doing it and has been able to secure a decent position? Or does anyone know of someone else who has done it fairly recently? Any up to date info would be immensely appreciated! Michele

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