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  • TEFL Spam-What does this say about them?

    By: Admin < Show E-mail >

    Date: Sun, 02 May 2010

    Location: Online (Asia)

    As an admin for 8+ large ESL TEFL TESOL websites, I am constantly privy to the large number of scams that are perpetuated across the web. Lately, I have been noticing another disturbing trend on the rise. An increase in new TEFL companies/websites that resort to base advertising techniques such as spamming. This is both spamming any poster on any ESL web board or forum which they can get an email address for and spamming the same boards with postings when they are aware that the boards are not for promoting their products or website. For example, I have TEFL companies posting TEFL courses as information articles but the only information is their price list and course dates, or posting their courses as a teacher resume when it is painfully obvious they are NOT teachers. In addition, I have new Jobs Board spamming (email) their job ads to me or inviting me to post on their board though I know for a fact that I didn't ask them. I already own 5+ job boards! Why do I need to visit or post on theirs! :b I wish them all the best of luck but, please, stop this.

    It has to make you wonder about ethics and standards when someone resorts to these types of illegal practices (yes, spam is considered illegal).

    Anyone else out there a victim of repeated unwanted spam?

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    Re: TEFL Spam-What does this say about them? (views: 6101)

    Online (Online) - Mon, 17 May 2010
    Posted by Alex Case

    Go on, name names!

    Re: TEFL Spam-What does this say about them? (views: 5463)

    China (Asia) - Thu, 20 May 2010
    Posted by Admin

    Would love to Alex but the ESL websites/networks/training schools in question shall remain nameless...at least by me ....

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