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  • World-TESOL

    By: Michelle Davidge < Show E-mail >

    Date: Tue, 04 May 2010

    Location: Online (Online)

    I was wondering if anyone has taken a TESOL course with this website

    I am thinking it's a scam and so is another person who contacted me about this company....any help would be greatly appreciated!! If it is c'est la vie I have lost the money but I don't want anyone else to do the same!!

    Re: World-TESOL (views: 5805)

    Online (Online) - Sun, 14 Nov 2010
    Posted by Nicole

    What ended up happening with World-Tesol College!?? I almost paid for the course but I get a bad vibe from it and now I am reading all these scam reports but no one has a real answer. Did you get placed or did you lose your money?

    Re: World-TESOL (views: 5872)

    Online (Online) - Sun, 14 Nov 2010
    Posted by Admin

    I haven't heard much about the company being a "scam" per se but there is talk of too many unfulfilled promises of employment and recognition of the certificate. So it is 2 situations to look at:1. Is their TEFL course 'legitimate' or 'accredited'?This is a difficult question for anyone because there is NO accreditation agency for online TEFL courses. For more information see my article at http://www.totalesl.com/TEFLtrainingcourses-Accreditation....

    Re: World-TESOL (views: 5437)

    Online (Europe) - Mon, 10 May 2010
    Posted by Iphigenia

    I totally agree with Michelle.I wasted my all money for that "scam" course. The World- Tesol College. They said they guarantee a job placement if we completed Business Course. even though i did it two months ago there happened nothing.When i ask a question they give a response in 7 or 10 days.PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS COURSE...DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

    Re: World-TESOL (views: 5305)

    Online (Online) - Tue, 04 May 2010
    Posted by Admin

    Michelle: It is rare that you hear of a TEFL course "scam" though I am sure anything is possible. Granted, there are some courses that have been "dragged through the mud" due to their less than stellar training performance. Regardless, the issue comes down to certification/accreditation and acceptance in the industry. For that, you must do some research.I suggest reading my article on TEFL certification and accreditation at either:http://www.tesall.com/esl-tesol-teachers/index.cgi?page=1;md=read;id=8143orhttp://www.totalesl.com/TEFLtrainingcourses-Accreditation-Certification.phpBest of luck!

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