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  • Network ESL - What are they?

    By: An ESL Teacher Looking in Chna < Show E-mail >

    Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010

    Location: China (Asia)

    I am writing this thread because I responded to job ads on 4 other ESL Job Sites (including this one) from "Teach in China" and "China Teaching Network" and "ESL Across China" and someone named "Hubert Reid" (and numerous other names) which all came from Network ESL because they contacted me in connection with my email to these jobs. I was shocked by how many ads they were posting and how many names they use to post ads under. Why would a recruiter use so many different names?

    Are they really a recruiter? They seem to be just another jobs forum trying to gather teacher resumes to forward to school clients. That lead me to researching them and I couldn't really see where they offer any kind of recruitment service per se. According to their "objectives" listed on their site, they are dedicated to (1) "improving the quality of oral English teaching in China..." and (2) "the assurance that teachers enjoy their experience in China...". So do they actually negotiate the contract for the teacher, arrange for the visa paperwork, vet the schools they promote, ensure the contract terms are met?

    I did notice another thread on ESL Teachers Board that mentions Network ESL threatening teachers with blacklisting for "wasting their time and the schools time" because a teacher applied and decided not to take a position...not that they broke a contract, did a runner or signed a contract and didn't show...just that they decided not to sign a contract with the school they initially applied to...not exactly recruitment gold service :-S

    It also seems that the school that Network ESL was recruiting for had a reputation for taking advantage of teachers which is why I was asking if anyone knows if Network ESL screens their schools or ensures the schools meet the terms of the contract that is presented to teachers that Network ESL recruits for the school...or do they just charge the schools to post an ad, spam the ESL job boards to collect resumes and 'introduce' the 2 parties, provide some basic information on life in China and then...finished.

    Can anyone tell me what they do as a "recruiter" and what their experience was with Network ESL? I am not leaving my email because I am afraid of it being used against me (i.e. some sort of blacklist they mentioned).


    Re: Network ESL - What are they? (views: 8193)

    China (Asia) - Fri, 27 May 2011
    Posted by Shelly

    This organization may not be a scam but they are serious spammers and I don't trust them. I don't like that they hide behind so many different names, emails and websites. Who is this Chris Johnson guy and all these "women" working for NetworkESL? I contacted a site called ESLtoChina to ask some questions and started getting contacted from NetworkESL. I applied to some jobs on this board and ESLteachersboard that all had different emails and were written to look like they were the actual university and was contacted by NetworkESL again! How many websites and emails does this company have!!! I found this along with hundreds of other links about them and their spam techniques and false identity contact information: http://www.eslteachersboard.com/cgi-bin/review/index.pl?page=13;read=30057 http://www.eslteachersboard.com/cgi-bin/review/index.pl?page=13;read=29774 http://www.eslteachersboard.com/cgi-bin/forum/index.pl?read=54545 How can anyone trust a company that has so many names and websites and tries to hide their identity. Are they afraid teachers would not actually contact them if they were just honest and said who they were up front! Also, I have a hard time believing all the "good experience" posts about an organization that spams the internet with 100s of different aliases and emails and even websites.

    Re: Re: China Recruitment (views: 5960)

    China (Asia) - Mon, 30 May 2011
    Posted by Admin

    Shelly: Sorry about your experience. I think I should firstly say that I am not personally familar with NetworkESL so am not making a judgement on them. I can only comment on the recruiters I know, most of whom are perfectly fine though it is a difficult business at best to be in. Let me also add that there are many reputable recruiters out there that I have spoken to personally such as Morgan Recruiters (Korea), Horizon Recruiters (China), Tea....

    Re: Network ESL - What are they? (views: 5823)

    China (Asia) - Thu, 29 Apr 2010
    Posted by Smitty

    In this post....I found great interest because a friend of mine that is employed by the embassy in Beijing asked me about that Web site because they are apparently under some form of an investigation. The situation is, (allegedly) that they are collecting and selling foreigner ID's and the information is being passed around from place-to-place for various reasons. Lately one of the big scams is the illegal use of foreigner ID to bring into China without paying tax, second hand cars. The cars are sold to the Chinese and they are registered to someone from the USA as an example, at least on paper. If and when the car is in an accident, it is on the foreigner's ID. There are also some issues with bogus real estate transactions, credit histories, etc.What I DO NOT KNOW AT ALL is whether or not this NETWORK ESL is involved in any criminal actions. BUT...it sounds as if they are being investigated by embassy staff for some ID issues and POSSIBLE selling of data.As far as I can tell, and after making about ten calls, the company is NOT registered or legally doing business in China.USE EXTREME CAUTION when dealing with ANY so-called job board, or recruiter.I did apply for some of the so-called "jobs" on their Web site and I wrote to some of the many emails that are listed on their site, most of which are all fake and are re-directed back to the Web site owner.If the owner of NETWORK ESL is reading this, by all means, please list your full legal name, business name, address, phone, fax, and the exact district and city that you are doing business from. Also, please provide the information concerning how you safeguard data, transmit data, and destroy data. Please list your Chinese business name and English business name as well as where your offices can be visited in person.In absence of that.... SCAM and AVOID.

    Re: Network ESL - What are they? (views: 5227)

    China (Asia) - Thu, 29 Apr 2010
    Posted by Admin

    Rather serious allegation but it is only alleged. Something like that would become public very quickly if it were happening. While I agree that identity theft is becoming a huge issue, unless there are formal charges or public notices from the embassy, best to stick to the recruiting of which there seems to be enough.For more information, please visit:http://china.eslteachercafe.com/topic868-network-esl.aspx or the ESL Teachers Board thread that ....

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