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  • New Jordan Education Group/ Kindergarten/Training School - Wuhan city in Hubei

    By: Sandy < Show E-mail >

    Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010

    Location: China (Asia)

    Dear All,
    I just thought
    you might want to know that if this company:

    New Jordan Education Group/ Kindergarten/Training School

    Contacts you about a job offer, I suggest you not to take it. I have just ended my contract with them and wished I hadn’t gotten involved with this company as so many others previously and currently now wish also.
    This school has done the following to both its foreign and Chinese teachers:
    ~ Delayed pay
    ~ Cut large amounts of pay no matter the situation
    ~ passed incurred costs onto it’s foreign teachers
    ~ Failed to provide housing, only allow for 750RMB a month for housing
    ~ Failed to fulfill their duty of taking teachers to receive medical care
    ~ Do not provide Health Insurance, only if you are hit by a car, truck or bus
    ~ Make false promises, threaten or guilt trip their teachers and compare teachers in order to make the other work more than necessary
    ~ Lie, Lie and then lie some more
    ~ Cut a full month’s pay from a foreign teacher due to the school being closed for holidays
    ~ Expects you to stay for 8 hours a day but only pays you for 6 hours
    ~ Does not provide heated rooms to sit in during cold winter months
    ~ Fails to report any concerns or issues
    ~ Expects you to work a full 8 hour day and then stick around to work late into the night (8:30pm) before working a Saturday with 13 classes back to back

    There is plenty more but I hope this is enough to show you that many have been lied to, deceived and scammed. It’s unfortunate, but this school also participates in illegal activities such as hiring part time students who have no working visa and no right to work in China as well as registering all it’s foreign teachers in Wuhan then sending them to work in other cities; something that is also illegal in China. So don’t get caught, spare yourself the headache and if you see this school just disregard their offer; is my suggestion.
    Best Wishes

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