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  • Re: The 100 hour threshold and the CELTA

    By: eigoman < Show E-mail >

    Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2007

    Location: Online (Online)

    "Most full-time CELTA courses run over about 140 contact hours..."

    Interesting. It's curious that CELTA has become synonymous with the 100/6 hour requirements that define certificate training in the TESOL industry when the majority of Cambridge-sanctioned courses far exceed that threshold.

    Re: The 100 hour threshold and the CELTA (views: 4844)

    Online (Online) - Thu, 08 Feb 2007
    Posted by Martin McMorrow

    Hi, well there is some connection between CELTA and the 100 hour mark. In the past, the minimum course length was set at 100 hours PLUS 6 hours teaching practice and 8 hours observation of experienced teachers - totalling 114. Several years ago, this was revised - the observation of experienced teachers was reduced to 6 hours and the total was increased to 120. But full-time CERT courses (known as RSA TEFL prep cert - and later just Cert - between 1974 and 1995) have in practice always actually run over 140 hours, except when there were public holidays in the course, in which case they were over 133. Mine - in 1985 at International House - did. The place where I used to work had records of courses going back to the 1970s, all with the basic 140 hour timetable, including 6 hours of teaching practice. By the way, I think this training model goes back at least to the early 1960s, when Bell, International House, St Giles College etc in London were running courses of this type.

    The history of certicate training in TESOL (views: 4778)

    Online (Online) - Thu, 22 Feb 2007
    Posted by eigoman

    Interesting! Do you know if there is a book or website where more information on the history of courses like the CELTA can be found? I would be partiuclarly interested to know how and why Cambridge got involved post-RSA (if I have that right in terms of timeline). ....

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