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  • WARNING!! Alifa Sushan English Language Centre, Shenyang, China

    By: Ming The Merciless < Show E-mail >

    Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2007

    Location: Online (Online)

    I have just returned home for the first time after 5 years in China. There are some great schools out there, but, sadly, there are of course some terrible ones too. The worst offender that I have come across in my time was [mod edit] of Sushan English.
    I could not honestly, even as a joke, recommend somebody to work there. Even if I hated that person! [mod edit] is a pathological liar and a cheat. She is a bully, and uses her large Iranian family (large in size and in build!) as a method of her bullying. She also has a network of friends she calls her "spies" (saying it like it's a funny joke!!) she will use to phone you up and pretend to be parents interested in having their children study English so that she can spy on you!
    I am writing this only after having come back to my home country as myself and my former colleagues (who all intend to post a warning after returning to their respective homelands) are worried about potential repercussions. Though I was only cheated for money, (nearly 13,000 yuan which is about 928 pounds...not including deposit money which she takes from the monthly wages!), and generally treated badly, receiving vague threats about the continuation of my contract, two of my colleagues, well into their late 50's, received proper threats from her and her family, even having abuse shouted at them in the street!
    The contract, written by [mod edit] herself, is entirely contradictory from one page to the next and serves only to relieve her from almost ANY resposibility for the employee. Please bear in mind also that the contract is subject to change at any time she should find convenient to her.
    Don't expect to receive any bonuses she may offer, nor are you likely to get the deposit back that she takes from your salary every month (to keep you working!). However, you CAN expect the chance of getting sacked shortly before your contract has expired, thereby saving her returning ANY money she may have deducted from your salary and also saving her paying back the plane fare promised in the contract.
    Another gem from this school is that she offers to get you fake teaching certificates that will allow you to work for her! Of course this is completely illegal and can get you into BIG trouble with the Chinese government, so please don't be stupid enough to accept it! (Of course, if you do, and you then have problems with her, it is more than likely you will soon be found by the local government to have fake documents...which she knew 'nothing' about! To be fair, this has not happened to anyone I have heard of yet, but it is a VERY probable scenario).
    The "fully furnished" room she offers often includes your own free damp up the walls and a special smell from an undiscernable location. Generally the size of a large shoebox and usually in a bad neighbourhood, if you are a young girl walking home at night it would be a good idea to take a torch, or better yet, a person, with you!
    Finally, though this is just hearsay, but from a reliable source, if you are an Australian going to work for her, be VERY careful as you could get into trouble with your own government too! I understand that due to her illegally hiring several Australian foreign (medical) students, the Australian Embassy in Beijing has had her blacklisted as an employer of anyone from down under, and those who were employed got either fined or sent home. She is still employing them when she can!
    The above is only a small example of the things that this woman has done or tried to do to her employees, to write them all could certainly fill a small book. Please, PLEASE thik carefully,for you own sake and safety, before even looking at a contract with her. There are many more great jobs out there instead!

    Re: WARNING!! Alifa Sushan English Language Centre, Shenyang, China (views: 5339)

    Online (Online) - Wed, 15 Aug 2007
    Posted by greenlantern

    I was a former employee and would like to get in contact with you. I know where you're coming from, it was an awfully run school.

    Re: WARNING!! Alifa Sushan English Language Centre (views: 5362)

    Online (Online) - Tue, 12 Feb 2008
    Posted by leenalou

    I wish I'd seen this article sooner! I went to work at this school earlier this year. After only a month I realized that Suzanne Scruggs simply was not "on the up-and-up." The school is poorly run, has no a.c., the supplies are all rundown, and the people are unorganized. She's completely unprofessional as is her Chinese staff. The Chinese manager spoke no English and the Chinese teachers were cliquish and hard to work with. Several tea....

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