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  • Special Thai Project (ATI and TEFL International)

    By: Ceelin < Show E-mail >

    Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008

    Location: Online (Online)

    I'm a newbie in the world of ESL and in fact I'm just browsing for which certificate course to take.

    Saw a lot of people talking about the Special Thai Project and look into TEFL International's website.

    looks good, 500 USD i think reservation fee and you get certified in an onsite course with guaranteed jobs afterwards.
    saw a lot of people happy with it too!

    though I'm wondering why is it there's another website with the exact same program in Thailand, even the name of the program is the same though not the dates.

    The one I'm talking about is ATI's course.
    So which is which?

    Re: Special Thai Project (ATI and TEFL International) (views: 5199)

    Online (Online) - Sat, 27 Dec 2008
    Posted by Ted Persinger

    I just had VERY great experience with TEFLLIFE.So I recommend you . They have a school for few weeks in either Chang Mai or Phuket that is then followed by a 4 months teaching contract at a school at a location somewhere in Thailand. .They are very professional and can give me the training with course certification that I need for teaching with International acceptance and help to get the job. www.tefllife.com Good luck Ted

    Re: Special Thai Project (ATI and TEFL International) (views: 5448)

    Online (Online) - Tue, 23 Dec 2008
    Posted by Magdalena Dziedzic

    I had great experience with teflinternational:The best thing about the course was : grammar imput, different models of teaching ..great experience, very intensive but have learned a lot.

    Re: Special Thai Project (ATI and TEFL International) (views: 5553)

    Online (Online) - Sat, 20 Dec 2008
    Posted by Nikita Patel

    I joined TEFL international.I have a great experience with TEFL international .The teachers were great and I loved how the students mingled with the teachers for apparitions. I like that part of it! And course wise, it was a solid course and useful.

    Re: Special Thai Project (ATI and TEFL International) (views: 5192)

    Online (Online) - Wed, 03 Dec 2008
    Posted by Ceelin

    Just letting everyone who might find this useful. I'll be signing up with TEFL International on this one. Seems that ATI made their Special Thai Project like a year after TEFL International ran theirs. Despite the bad rap I've read about TEFL International, I'm optimistic about the course with them since 1. I've spoken with a few people who took their course, STP and regular, and they seem to be doing fairly well 2. If TEFL International really is a terrible school, why on Earth would anyone copy their course to the letter? and 3. I just found some guy that's probably trolling around the net keeping the bad press alive about TEFL International.

    Re: Special Thai Project (ATI and TEFL International) (views: 5525)

    Online (Online) - Tue, 02 Dec 2008
    Posted by Daveon

    Haven't heard from anyone who took part in ATI's course but I can tell you that TEFL International has had that program well before ATI had one. Also contemplated the Thailand project before settling for the Chinese project 'bout... two/three years ago?

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