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  • Re: Re: China Recruitment

    By: Admin < Show E-mail >

    Date: Mon, 30 May 2011

    Location: China (Asia)

    Shelly: Sorry about your experience. I think I should firstly say that I am not personally familar with NetworkESL so am not making a judgement on them. I can only comment on the recruiters I know, most of whom are perfectly fine though it is a difficult business at best to be in. Let me also add that there are many reputable recruiters out there that I have spoken to personally such as Morgan Recruiters (Korea), Horizon Recruiters (China), TeachAway (Worldwide), Flying Cows (South Korea..and a cute name too!), Gold Star (China), Korean Horizons (Korea), Footprints Recruiting (Worldwide) and others I am sure...so many in my head. :-) I only listed these because I have spoken with these recruiters personally and they are always upfront and honest with no attempts at hiding or tricking. Unfortunately, as the industry grows and there is money to be made, there will be individuals seeking to find an advantage or make a quick buck.

    This being said, I am familiar with tactics like the one you mention. For example, there is the ESL HR website recruiter spamming my sites. I usually don't comment about these things but this ESL HR China Recruiter is becoming just downright rude.
    To give you an example of bad behavior from this ESL HR China recruiter which isn't the norm of most recruiters:
    For one of our sites, every user gets 3 free postings per day and the user system is set to not allow more than 3 postings per day per user account. Now understand that 100's of recruiters and schools accept and understand because it is a completely free service. Not so with ESL HR which felt they were entitled to 6-9 free postings so made multiple user accounts under false emails and usernames. When I asked them to please limit the number of postings to the 3 per day and use only 1 user account, they preceded to make MORE user accounts. When I deleted these and again asked that they not spam the free jobs board, they made 3 more user accounts (new3, new4, new5 - I had already deleted new1 and new 2) and started spamming 10-15 postings at a time as many as 2 to 3 times a day. As you can see from the image attached, they didn't even bother to use their real name or email. They knew about their behavior was rude and malicious but they felt it was appropriate and were entitled. What does this say about ESL HR's customer service if they feel this type of behavior is ok for their corporation? I can only hope that teachers make judgement calls and ask the right questions so they are not taken advantage of.

    Now because of this, we will have to change the whole site for every other user that will no longer allow postings unless the admin approves each one and the schools/recruiters verify each posting with a verification link. Time consuming and sad for all the recruiters and schools that actually have manners and don't abuse the system.

    It reminds me of when there is a guest at someone's house for the weekend and the guest that makes demands because they feel they are entitled regardless of what burden it may place on their hosts who are offering them free stay. When you ask them to be more considerate and understand the limitations, they become belligerent and rude rather than understanding and helpful.

    Thanks Admin

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