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ESL Job Feed Employment Job Scams Listings

ESL Employment Job Scams Listings

ESL Employment Job Scams Advice

The following are a list of confirmed/known ESL EFL TEFL TESOL Employment Scams. For a new and updated version or to let everyone know of another scam, please visit the ESL Teaching Scams Forum

Engr. Kennet Ricado - Email Scam Offering Employment in Lagos, Nigeria
This individual spams resume posters across ESL job sites to offer employment as a tutor for his family in Lagos, Nigeria. He claims to be employed by Chevron Oil in Lagos, Nigeria. He will spam you with a job offer via email: or with a contact number of +234 703 0831 621. If you reply, he will have you contact his 'travel agent' (Mr. James Olise of Travels Skyway Agency).
Maltepe University - Prof. Koyen Kemal - Email Scam Offering Employment in Istanbul, Turkey
This individual spams resume posters across ESL job sites to offer employment at Maltepe University without every interviewing you. It is very easy to spot just by the amount of money (10,000 GBP) he offers. He will spam you via email: with a contract and visa application. He then requests that you notify/contact his 'Turkish Immigration Attorney - Barrister Clark - at
UAE Ministry of Labor - Emails and domains come from .tk and always request money up front
This scam has been around for a long time and continues to pop up in new guises using various school names and websites. Regardless, the one thing that remains the same is a request for money upfront to process visa/travel. Watch for the domain names/email of these frauds. ".tk" domain names are free sites registered out of the island of Toukelau. The scammers will instantly offer employment, send you a fraudulent contract from the Ministry of Labour, then request money to process your nonexistent visa.
Private Tutoring Services Offered with a 'Cashiers Check' Sent to Cover Your Expenses
This routine is always the same regardless of where they want you to come and tutor. They give you the details, contact information, your pay terms. Then they state they will send you a Cashiers Check which you must cash right away, keeping some for yourself (based on the bogus job terms) and send the rest to them via wire transfer/Western Union so they can purchase your airline ticket. The problem is that the cashiers check is always a fake (and usually a very good one) that will not be discovered until after you have sent them money. Don't be fooled by your bank accepting the Cashiers check because they are not liable if it is fake...You are.
El Liminor School or Limonar International School - Murcia or Valencia, Spain
This is a real school, and a credible one at that. However, the job adverts that have been popping up on all sorts of websites are not from this school. Someone is using the school's name to post phony jobs to get people to send them money for their "visa requirements" BEWARE! Red flags include saying you are hired without even having a phone interview, and a 1 page contract. Real schools will want to have a more in depth conversation before they hire you and will certainly not send a 1 page contract.
La Grange Kiddies School, Barcelona, Spain - Mr. David Jeffrey
This is an old one that has been going around the ESL job boards for a while. Problem is that some teachers say it is and some say it is not a scam. Regardless, one thing remains the same...they ask you to send the over $1,000 up front for visa/travel in order to 'secure' the contract. Whether it is real or not, I would recommend NEVER to send money to an employer for the 'promise of a job'.
UK ESL Jobs from English Project Consultancy - Dr. Herbert Owens PhD / Dr. Jonah Smith
This is an email scam from a Dr. Jonah Smith ( of English Project Consulting Services claiming to offer tutoring services to families in the UK as well as online translation services. They also have a website at which makes it look very official. Regardless, many teachers have reported being spammed by this organization for employment with very attractive terms.
Global Education Services ( - Possible Scam
This is a job posting scam offering employment recruitment services through the UK for teaching in Turkey, Russia and other central Asian countries. Some teachers have claimed it is a scam and others not. It seems that the factor is a fee request for guarantee of employment. It would be up to the teacher to make the decision as to whether they feel it is a scam or not. They also have a website which makes it look official ( Proceed with extreme caution if you are considering them
Family Tutor/Teacher - Dr. George McGeorge - Devon, England -
This is another email scam asking for you to help teach his wife (Vietnamese) and child. He claims to be an American living abroad while offering 3,500 GBP to teach his family. This scam is actually quite detailed in that he sends mutliple emails with pictures of his family and even his "passport". Regardless, one thing remains the same...too good to be true.
ESL Asia / Jobs Japan / WorkinAsia / Vietnam ESL Placement Service / ThaiJobPlacements / TaiwanESL
This is a scam run by a Paul Adler from within Thailand who is actually in the ESL industry but due to Thailand's lax law enforcement, he continues to operate. He has used names such as Anthony Martin, Paul Adler, David Smith, Paul Simpson, Michael Simpson, Malcolm MacDonald, and Michael Simpsons. They will ask that you send all your original documentation and a small processing fee (usally $50-$100) but the job will never be forthcoming and your documents never returned.
Deutsche Schule Malaga in Marbella, Spain - Andrew Coleman (
This, like othters, is an actual school but is being targeted by scammers who use the school because their website may not be available in English, thereby discouraging teachers from contacting the school directly. Mr. Coleman is posing as the schools agent in the United Kingdom and sending out scam email with a fake job offer at 1800 Euros. He will then ask for a 'visa application fee'. When the actual school was contacted, the headmaster said that he had never heard of Mr. Coleman nor does Mr. Coleman represent his school.
Execs International School - Largo Steffen - Madrid Spain -
This is your typical scam of unsolicited email offering a job that they 'don't want to advertise'. They don't initially ask for money but rather just all your informaiton up front. It is easy to spot as a scam because the school shows up nowhere in a basic search. When receiving unsolicted email like this, it is always best to ask for more information and documentation or just ignore the email. This would be more of spam than scam but regardless, be aware.
Ombrosa International Bilingual School - Luc Vezin and Dr. Michael Tindle - France
This is another scam where the individuals use the name and information from a legitimate school but then have email forwarded to a hotmail/gmail/yahoo email address. Otherwise, it follows the typical format of contacting you with a job offer and asking for your information, followed by a very official looking contract and ending with asking for money for payment of rent, travel arrangements or payment of visa.
American School of Madrid & The Schengen Visa Office - Spain (scammers posing as school)
They are scammmers posing as the American School of Madrid and the The Schengen Visa Office. The school is aware of this scam and has posted a warning on their website. They will ask for your CV, cover letter and photo after which they will forward a somewhat simplistic application. After this, they will send you a too good to be true contract with the director's signature and request that you forward copies of your passport, bank statement and visa fees to the Schengen office. The fraudulent emails used are: JOBS@ASMADRlD.ORG / INFO@ASMADRlD.ORG. IMPORANT: Notice they use caps to disguise that they changed the 'i' in Madrid to a lower case 'l'. They also use the following the Schengen office: /
Dubai British School - ( - Dubai, UAE - Fake posing as the actual school
The above school will contact you via the principal of the 'school': Andy Homden ( / Tel:00971501874916 ). In the email, they will refer you to the Wikepedia listing for the school: but they are a scam. The actual Dubai British School is at and not at the fake URL as used in their email ( They will provide you with a contract that has generous terms then suggest that you contact the UAE Ministry of Labor for your work visa at which is also a fake.
Cheadle High School - ( - Staffordshire, UK- Fake posing as the actual school
The above school will post ads posing as the actual school and list their contact email as and their website as Why would a UK high school have a website with a .tl (East Timor) domain name? The actual Cheadle High School is at Don't be fooled by this obvious fake.